Questions Please For Rebecca Lowe


Rebecca Lowe of ESPN UK will be one of the next guests on the EPL Talk Podcast, the only Premier League interview show on the Internet. And you have a chance to have your questions asked on-air to her. Please post them in the comments section below and the best questions will be asked.

Rebecca is a rising star in football broadcasting after having spent time at Setanta Sports, BBC, TalkSport and now ESPN UK. Many of you may best know her for her appearances alongside James Richardson during last season’s Football Matters show on Setanta.

Rebecca is just one of many stars who are set to appear on the EPL Talk Podcast. In the coming weeks, we have plenty of surprises in store for you. In the past few weeks, we’ve featured Georgie Bingham (ESPN), Barney Ronay (The Guardian), Mel Charles (Arsenal and Wales legend) and Paul Dempsey (Setanta Sports).

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15 thoughts on “Questions Please For Rebecca Lowe”

  1. Here are a few:

    I believe she grew up with Peter Crouch. Ask her what she thought of him then, thinks of him now as a footballer, and whether his reputation for arrogance is deserved. And, has he ever been able to head a ball?

    Secondly, as a Palace fan, what does she think they do right in their academy system that so many others have failed to?

    Julián Speroni has been exceptional at Palace, does she think he is Premiership caliber?

    1. Ah, an unsubstantiated story repeat ad nauseum? A friend of a friend of a friend tale.
      Doubtful if at all true, He’s renowned for being a gent. Do we now want the site to become a lexicon of gossip crap?

  2. Ask about her process from going from Setanta to working with ESPN since it seems it was done in really short time.

    And tell her I love her :)

  3. Does she have any interest in American Sports and would she ever have interest in coming over to the States to to cover sports or is England and Europe it for her career aspirations? If she does have any interest in American sports who are her teams and favorite players?

    How much American Sports Inventory does ESPN UK carry and has she see an interest rise in American Sports in the UK and European Markets by general sports in those countries by fans as our world has gotten smaller with the internet and more tv networks on cable?

    Wish we got to see more of her work here in the States.

  4. How much soul searching did Rebecca have to do to leave the BBC?
    Would Rebecca ever consider returning to BBC?
    What does Rebecca think of the coverage of women’s football in the UK?
    How traumatic were the events leading up to the demise of Setanta UK? How did Rebecca feel when she realised it was all going pear shaped?
    Who are Rebecca’s perfect football commentators?
    Why is James Richardson ignored by the mainstream British media?

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