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With the Russian Premier League’s most important match of the season in the books, Russian Football Now’s Chris Riordan (also of MLS Talk) and Richard Farley took ten minutes to break down the result in their second QuickCast.

After their 3-0 victory, Rubin sits four points ahead of Spartak atop the league’s table. Each of Rubin’s “big three” (Aleksandr Bukharov, Alejandro Dominguez, and Sergei Semak) had goals while Spartak clearly missed the presence of one of their (former) big three, Vladimir Bystrov, who was sold mid-week to Zenit St. Petersburg. The podcast is available at Russian Football Now, and via EPL Talk.

We encourage our MLS Talk readers to support this new venture, as we aim to bring you the latest from the world of football from around the globe.

15 thoughts on “Russian Football Now Podcast Launches”

  1. Kartik continues to offend. Russian Soccer? When you attack MLS at least you are still talking American soccer, but this is ridiculous. Go blog about Russia somewhere else.

    A third tier league. This isn’t the EPL or SPL for god’s sake.

    Russia? the Dynamo and Crew would dominate that league although I am sure Kartik will claim that some random Russian team would come here and kill us. Do they have a Donovan, a Beckham, a Angel or a Montero in their league? I didn’t think so.

  2. People can blog about what they want, but it is pretty silly to have an english language site on the Russian League. What’s next? The Korean League? The Malaysian League? The Kuwaiti League? :)

    The Russian League is pretty poor anyhow. I do not recall them doing anything in Champions League.

  3. Considering the kind of money floating around over in the Russian Premier League, it’s not a bad idea to learn a little about the RPL and some of the players there, especially now that they’re migrating into EPL and other big leagues in Europe.

  4. The Russian League is one of the 12 best leagues in the World. Zenit and CSKA Moscow have won the UEFA Cup in the last five years and the Russian teams always compete at a vey good level. The Russian league is better than the Mexican and the MLS Legues and is probably only inferior in quality to the big five leagues in Europe plus Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, Brazil and Argentina. It is Ok to disagree as long as you do your research first.

  5. CIRE 55

    Is anybody behind you aiming with a gun so you read this blog?

    Why don’t you create the best MLS blog in the world and let us alone?

    There, you could ban anything you want; until that day ,shut up.

  6. The Russian League better than MLS?

    No way. Russia doesn’t have the TV interest or the history of consistently qualifying for tournaments that we have. We’ve made 5 straight World Cups. Russia has only been in two of them. We’ve won 4 continental titles. Russia has never won once.

    I don’t get how you come up with Russia being better than MLS.

  7. I have zero interest in getting into an argument with anybody here about this subject. Richard Farlery and I started the website and blog Russian Football Now. If you’d like to listen and support the show, we really appreciate it. If not, well then that’s okay too. We don’t want to force anyone upon anything. We’re just trying to share our love and passion for what is a very good league.

    As for the comments on MLS, seriously think about what you say before you say it. For starters, I LOVE MLS. It’s the league of my country and I’m very proud of the recent growth that it’s made. However, I am not blind to where it fits into the big picture.

    The Russian Premier League is ranked 6th best in Europe, behind England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. The leagues has produced two recent UEFA Cup champions, CSKA Moskva and Zenit St Petersburg. Zenit even went on to win the UEFA Super Cup last year, defeating Manchester United. Currently 2 squads automatically qualify for Champions League group stage and 1 goes into 3rd Qualifying Round. Oh and en route to their UEFA Cup, Zenit defeated Villareal (SPA), Mar (FRA), Bayer Leverkusen (GER), Bayern Munich (GER) and Rangers (SCO). Not bad in my book.

    As for the Russian National Team. First off, let me provide brief history of myself. I am American, my wife is Russian. Therefore, I support both National Teams. I LOVE the USMNT, was depressed for days after losing in Confederations Cup Final. I am also objective. Russia in current form, would take down the US, period. If you wathed the Euro last year, you would have seen them disassemble Netherlands, Greece and Sweden. I’m sorry, but don’t use the continental titles or World Cup Qualifying argument. Think about it, Russia plays in UEFA … the US in CONCACAF. Do you think we’d have any continental titles if forced to play in EURO at this point, how many World Cups would the US have made.

    Conversely, Russia would have some continental titles and would not be in a WC drought if playing against CONCACAF teams.

    Again, love my region, love my USMNT … just being honest.

  8. I just do not understand the discourse of many MLS and US fans. Some people accuse me of comparing leagues, but it is you guys that start it and make such absurd, and quite frankly offensive comparisons.

    If you don’t like Russian Football don’t listen. Don’t tear down people because they have a passion for a league or a nation.

  9. I understand why people think poorly of Russian football, which is exactly why I’m involved in this project.

    The Russian national team (6th, FIFA rankings) and the Russian Premier League (6th, UEFA coefficient) are each ranked amongst the world’s elite.

    Isn’t anybody a bit curious as to why?

    I was, and what I discovered made sense and explained those metrics. Whether you become a regular consumer of the site, I would invite you to at least be curious as to why this nation is internationally respected for its football league, players, team, and culture.

    It does sound like some have preconceived notions of this topic, but if you don’t – if you are curious why Chris and I would start this project – you can email me any time and I talk about it with you. Whether you become a fan or not, I think it would be a good experience.

  10. One other thought. I feel that the Russian Premier League would be a great destination for many of our Americans who are making a move to Europe. It is a solid, competitive league (as evidenced by the quality of Russian National Team, where vast majority plays domestically). Perhaps a guy like Freddy Adu, could start there and really get some positive experience instead of foundering away on the bench in a lesser league like in Portugal.

  11. Chris, no offense but Portugal is not a lesser league. The UEFA co-effecient does lie because the second tier UEFA cup is factored heavily. Last season, two Portugal league teams reached the knock out stages of the Champions League while zero Russian teams did.

    Porto also almost beat Man U and of course won the CL 5 years ago, much more recently than the most recent Russian champion of the European Cup/ Champions League.

    1. ERT145

      Those are actually good examples.

      As you said, the UEFA coefficient is not perfect, but neither are Champions League results. The groups are not balanced, and Zenit ended up in a group with Juventus and Real Madrid.

      So what is it, though, specifically about the teams in the RPL and the Liga Sagres that leads you to that conclusion? Is it just the quality of the best teams? The next tier of clubs? The overall league depth and talent?

  12. Not even Russians are interested in the RPL, e.g. Abramovich. Why didn’t he make Spartak into a world power if the RPL is so great? Cuz the players with any sense wouldn’t dream of going to Russia. Heck, that level player barely even considers Manchester City acceptable, e.g. Robinho versus Kaká. Robinho only went cuz he’s krazy.

    Moreover, I would wonder if official results in the RPL can even be trusted given the out of control corruption and organized crime in Russia.

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