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serie-a-talk-logoDov Schiavone and David Stansfield review the weekends action as Serie A Champions, Inter took on Serie B Champions Bari, whilst also casting their gaze to the Stadio Franchi as AC Milan were victorious over Siena.

As the Milan Derby is upon us, they preview the Derby della Madonnina.

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  1. Here’s a note from @joeginto on Twitter regarding the Serie A Talk pilot episode: “Nice inaugural cast! spend more time on squads beside Inter&Milan, Genoa, Palermo & Napoli – all can challenge top 4 slots this year”

    The Gaffer

  2. Listen, Daves-

    Your Milan predictions were absolute crap, but I would have said the same thing going into the Derby 😉 Don’t take the AC Milan bottling too seriously; it was an odd one, possibly a one-off. Inter are probably not that good … yet, anyway.

    Come back soon with a good -cast. If Bari play well again, the world will need an intelligent explanation via your savvy analytics.

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