[TweetBeat] Celtic v Arsenal

Photo credit: Toksuede

Photo credit: Toksuede

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Celtic v Arsenal – Before the game:

digitalsnowtwit: Hoping for a good result for Arsenal tonight. Celtic at home is a mega tough task. A score draw would be a good result, away goal is key

Torexy: Work is not done, but game Celtic-Arsenal is more attractive )

ArseNole: Come on Arsenal! 2-1 to the mighty Gunners.

StrangerAeons: Anyway, #Arsenal play Celtic tonight. I’m equal parts excited, nervous, wretched and optimistic. And people say football is for morons…

bekki511: tired *yawns* hate my new maths teacher 🙁 celtic arsenal game tonight 😀

furiousmate: I’m saying Arsenal beating the Celtic 2?0 in this 1st leg match. Hopefully it’s not going to be a 0 – 0 draw…

fatsarazzi: I am thinking 3-1 to Arsenal tonight…

bigstuart68: Celtic v Arsenal, the outcome does not look good for my team especially when they trounced Everton 6-1, there might be a few tears.

pahender: Heading out for the Celtic game, playing some English team tonight…

flc: Schedule for afternoon: off to post office/ups store, lunch, do dishes, watch Arsenal thrash Celtic. Rather good if I do say so myself

firefawkes: OK who’s bright idea was it to have U2 play at Hampden at the same time as Celtic play Arsenal?

yamsta: On way to Celtic game. Traffic is terrible!

dannysniper: off to celtic park, BRING IT ON!

Celtic v Arsenal – After the game:

Ton1oGreat to see Arsenal beat the Jocks.

Kat_Myers15In a great mood. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Can’t wait to see what Arsenal will accomplish this season. I have high hopes.

Fabby_JessArsenal best Celtic ! Us English rule lol

i_am_dmgTic 0-2. Arsenal very good, but 2 horrid jammy goals 2 give away. That mite b the best away team performance we’ll see all season (I hope).

MadyewArsenal beat Celtic 2-0. First goal was Fabregas’ shot deflecting off Gallas, second was an own goal. Lucky goals, but a deserving win.

abigailxoxoxaww celtic lost…hope they win against arsenal in the next game…come on the hoops!!!

JB1888arsenal were so lucky! other than a deflection and an own goal, boruc had nothing to do in goal!

orpheous87Bah! I’m not a Celtic fan, but I hate, hate hateArsenal!

craigpdruryWell done Arsenal v Celtic – outclassed the team in Green and desrved the 2-0 despite scoring two lucky goals. Rule Britannia!

cobbler1000Arsenal need luck this year you make it you mostly earn it UnluckyCeltic but the gap tween the two countries leagues show – Strachan said!

adiarsenalfanCeltic verminated in the first leg.

russellbfIf Celtic were to play in England, they would be West Brom under Megson. Sorry Bouys but your pants.

ColinBallantyneIf anyone is in the Celtic Park area can you have a look for the “famous atmosphere” please! Shhhhhhhh

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