The FA Releases Nike Spoof Video To Promote Local Game

There’s Premier League football, and then there’s Sunday League football. One is glamourous. The other is a mixture of aching limbs, no glory, pints of beer and having a laugh.

The latter is portrayed in a surprisingly trendy viral video from The FA (yes, the Football Association). It’s a spoof of the Nike video that was released a few months ago. The FA version reminds me a lot of the song “Parklife” by Blur. Very British and none of the fictitious nonsense you see on BBC dramas that air on PBS on Saturday nights.

5 thoughts on “The FA Releases Nike Spoof Video To Promote Local Game”

  1. Very funny spoof – but just FYI, the Nike commercial wasn’t “a few months ago” – more like 14-15 months ago. I remember watching it during the Champions League Final in ’08, and it wasn’t brand new then. Arsenal and Holland… I suppose it was RVP’s POV, then.

  2. Not bad – just wish the fella takes the free kick at the end and skies it over the bar or something as that would be funny. First half of this is pretty clever, last half felt like a bit of a rehash of the Nike ad.

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