Chelsea Practice At Qwest Field In Seattle (Video)

Sixty seven thousand fans will watch Chelsea play Seattle Sounders today at Qwest Field. Approximately 700 tickets are still available from Ticketmaster, but if you don’t live in the Seattle area, you can watch the game in the U.S. on ESPN2 at 3pm ET.

Yesterday, Chelsea played a practice at Qwest field in Seattle in front of 4,500 supporters. Before the session began, Chelsea players kicked mini-soccer balls into the crowd and then proceeded to go through their warm-up drills (see above video) before playing an eleven-on-eleven practice game (see video below).

Thanks to EPL Talk reader Matthew Gardner for sharing his photographs with us of Chelsea’s practice from yesterday. View the Chelsea training slideshow on Flickr.

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6 thoughts on “Chelsea Practice At Qwest Field In Seattle (Video)”

  1. 4,500 for a practice is pretty decent, eh? I can’t wait to hear how deafening the 67,000 crowd will be in a few hours. If everything works out well, I should be able to provide pics, videos and updates from the game courtesy of one of the diehard Sounders supporters who will be pitchside.

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    The Gaffer

  2. Wow i am in complete awwww to see the the quest field that full i hope one day the seats will fill up like this one day with the american MLS league.

  3. Seattle support was up for it today, good to see..

    and what is uglier then the CFC training gear? well how about the Eurotrash new blue kit they wore today… who wears a zipper??? but it will appeal to those Chelsea fans around the world with so little taste that they actually follow this club.

    yeah it had to be said.

  4. Lost my soccer flower today in Seattle!!

    While I’m a Newbie to soccer ( only been watching English football for 4 yrs), I’d never been to a soccer match of any kind. It was FABULOUS!! Much better than TV, as expected. My two favorite teams on such a sunny, wonderful day. My son was in my Sounders jersey while I was in my Chelsea Blue. Sixty-six thousand plus packed Qwest with a large Chelsea contingency. While a Chelsea fan first, I was hoping the Sounders would have pulled out a victory. It would have been a nice feather in their cap. More disappointing was the fact that the Sounders didn’t score. I REALLY wanted to hear that place explode in a cacophony of noise!! However, all in all, it was a wonderful first experience with soccer.

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