ESPN ScoreCenter iPhone App Review: For Soccer Fans


ESPN recently released a new app for the iPhone entitled ESPN ScoreCenter, which is a must-have app for soccer fans.

The free app features real-time score updates, live game details, schedules, stats, game summaries and more for an exhaustive number of leagues and tournaments, such as:

  • Premier League,
  • Champions League,
  • La Liga,
  • Bundesliga,
  • Serie A,
  • MLS,
  • USL-1,
  • Championship,
  • Confederations Cup,
  • World Cup qualifiers,
  • International friendlies,
  • UEFA Cup,
  • African Nations Cup,
  • AFC Champions League,
  • Copa America,
  • and many many more.

The app also features a scrolling news ticker across the bottom of the iPhone — just like on television — to keep you updated on the latest news and scores from the major sports.

The three things I don’t like about the app are (1) there’s no league tables/standings, (2) scrolling from page to page for each of the leagues I selected to follow is too slow, and (3) there’s no feature on the iPhone app to add all soccer leagues, so for someone like me who follows a lot of leagues from around the world, I had to go through each one separately to add it, then go back to add another one and so on, which was more time consuming that it ought to be.

Overall, though, the ESPN ScoreCenter iPhone app is highly recommended for soccer fans, and a perfect accompaniment to someone who may be on-the-road or not near the Internet or television on a matchday.

ESPN ScoreCenter is now available in the App Store on your Apple iPhone or in the App Store via iTunes.

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