Football Partnerships Interviews EPL Talk


Recently, the Football Partnerships Podcast interviewed me about EPL Talk and the business of football blogging. It’s quite different than the typical EPL Talk interview. Listen to the Football Partnerships interview today.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How the idea of EPL Talk was created,
  • How EPL Talk’s initial target audience has changed over the years,
  • The business of football blogging and how advertising and partnerships help keep the lights on,
  • My personal favorite EPL Talk Podcast interview of all time,
  • And much more.

Football Partnerships is the leading B2B networking group for football industry professionals. You can listen to the archive of Football Partnerships podcasts featuring interviews with celebrities such as Misha Sher, Steven Cohen, Greg Lalas, Don Garber and others.

2 thoughts on “Football Partnerships Interviews EPL Talk”

  1. I’ve only recently gotten back into my obsessive passion on football. I mean I’ve been on and off over the last 10 years. It was Gary lineker and David platt days when I was so into football as I have been now. All I can say is that with all the information in todays world it is totally different. This site contributes to my daily obsession. So thanks. LOL.

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