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  • We will be releasing episode 89 of the MLS Talk Podcast tomorrow with MLS, USL and Open Cup news. Look for it early tomorrow afternoon.
  • I will be at Tropical Park Stadium tonight for the Open Cup game between Miami FC and last year’s runner up Charleston. You can look for my tweets on the game if you have a twitter account @kkfla737
  • Episode 90 of MLS Talk Podcast/Brazil-US post game will feature Phil Schoen from GOL TV and Martin Rogers from Yahoo! Sports and will be released about 3pm ET Thursday.
  • Thanks for all the feedback on our post Italy articles and podcast. It’s a unique time for US Soccer with increased interest in our national team and more and more exposure to international football. Truthfully, as someone who has watched the national team for twenty five years I am probably more critical now than previously simply because I feel a great deal is at stake currently, largely because  we have finnaly gotten the attention of many in the mainstream sporting press and sports community.
  • Former LA Galaxy Assistant Afshin Ghobati has Iran closing in on a World Cup birth.
  • I received my confirmation of membership to the new US Soccer SC today(logo above). I have dabbled with supporters groups in the past and in the early days of the internet relied almost exclusively on Sams Army’s website for information about the USMNT. I will continue to support American Outlaws and Sams Army but felt in the interest of full disclosure here if the issues of supporters groups ever come up on this site, to reveal that I have formally joined the new supporters group.

2 thoughts on “Quick Hits”

  1. Kartik:

    Did you feel the supporters club was worth the coast? I felt that it was not worth the money for the average fan. Ticket preferences is not that much of an advantage for the typical US fan.

    Yes, indeed this is a critical time for US Soccer a win over Brazil( highly unlikely) would make headlines in the US at a down time in the US sports calender. Thats why the performance of the US team hurts so much. Wins can really increase the profile of the US team and soccer in general. Lets hope for an impossible victory.

  2. hello kartik,

    hey i was at the miami fc game tonight against the battery as well.
    what did you think of the game? i thought it was a tough loss but miami had a few chances to tie the game up there at the end.
    i thought that miami was just too slow to swing the ball around in the back from one side to the other. too many times the two central defenders where passing to each other before getting it the fullback to change the angle of attack.

    anyways its a shame cause i was looking forward to playing Chivas in the next round and sticking it to Preki’s team.


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