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I’ve seen some horrible green-screen effects before, but the action footage from the trailer for Goal 3 (see above) has got to be some of the cheesiest I’ve ever seen in my life. Let’s hope the movie is better than the trailer, but I doubt it.

  • For the second summer in a row, the Premier League explains how the process of scheduling the fixtures for the upcoming Premier League season happens. There’s a method to the madness.
  • Out of the 20 clubs in the Premier League, there is only one who continually is on the leading edge of embracing technology to better serve its supporters. That club is Everton FC. The Merseyside club just released more information about the Everton iPhone apps.
  • You may have heard of the “Showdown in Chinatown” last year when Henry, Fowler, Kalou and others teamed up with NBA stars to play a charity match in NYC’s Chinatown. This year, the list of football stars is being closely guarded but its meant to be an insane roster of stars.
    Football for Good is also offering an all-expenses-paid trip for two to New York to attend the event on June 24th. All you have to do is make a $5 donation to Steve’s Football for Good charity which will be setting up football academies in war-torn parts of Africa. The competition ends June 17th.

    Here are the list of URLs to get more information about the event:

    Football for Good main site:
    Competition page and entry form:
    Viral video “The Player”
  • Our favorite German, Rafael Honigstein from The Guardian fame, was recently interviewed by Double Pivot on Bundesliga Talk. Read the Rafa Honigstein interview now!
  • John Devlin – author of the book True Colours – has a very detailed and interesting review of some of the new Premier League jerseys for the 2009-2010 season.
  • Don’t forget to follow the Confederations Cup news and analysis on Major League Soccer Talk where Kartik Krishnaiyer will be posting reviews of each day featuring discussions with some of the leading experts on world football.

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  1. Goal III the movie is even worse than the trailer. Trust me. It is one of the worst sports movies that I have watched in a long time. Santiago barely plays a part in the film, as it focuses on two random English friends of his (one being the actor who played “Bovver” from Green Street Hooligans). It’s extremely slow at the beginning and the scenes when the actors play on the pitch looks so fake it almost brought tears to my eye. I highly recommend not seeing this movie. If you need to see a Goal film, go see the first one again.

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