Major League Soccer Talk Podcast #85: US- Costa Rica Wrapup


One of the most frustrating  games in recent US National Team History took place Wednesday night at Saprissa Stadium. Jamie Trecker of Fox Sports, Dave Denholm of 710 ESPN Radio, Chris Webb of United Mania and our own Mario Valdez discuss the match and the current state of the US National Team from every possible angle.

Among the topics discussed are the tactics for the match, Bob Bradley’s training style, the setup of the USSF, the current player selection criteria,  as well as a historical overview of how we got here and where this performance ranks in the post 1990 era for the USMNT.

A full hour plus of US National Team conversation on this show.

4 thoughts on “Major League Soccer Talk Podcast #85: US- Costa Rica Wrapup”

  1. Did David Denholm get cut off? When asked what players should not get capped and which ones should be getting a look who are not, he only mentions Beasley and Dempsey and then it sounds like there’s a break, and it kind of doesn’t make sense. Just an observation!

  2. Kartik, You asked if a coaching change could be made this late. Scolari replaced Emerson after he was an abysmal failure, in June of 2001. Lippi replaced Trappatoni less than two years before WC2006. Scolari also took over Portugal early in 2003, and a year later made the final of the Euro’s. I’m sure there are more, as those are just the most extreme examples of successful late changes.

    What was the common thread with all of those teams before the coaching change? Complacency, lack of accountability, laziness etc…sound familiar?

  3. I think Kartik was saying the US doesn’t make changes like other countries do multiple times during cycles. However if we lose tomorrow, we must throw out our pride and join the rest of the world and make a change late in a qualifying cycle.

  4. Just a thought regarding players being told they’re great, etc.- maybe it’s a national problem. What I mean is this. My wife is a teacher at a HS, honor students. These kids, not all but a lot, have been told that they’re smater and better than the regular students most of their school careers, they’re special. These are some of the worst/dumbest students that she has ever taught in over 10 yrs. Quick example, many didn’t even know what “heir” was. Not only that but their behavior was horrible too, just shouting out in the middle of class, cheating, whatever. It even goes down to the lower grades. To put it bluntly they’re spoiled brats. And I’m sure a lot of people have heard how professors at college have gotten calls from the mommies wandering why Johnny didn’t get a better grade. So what I’m saying these players have been told they’re heading for great things, just like my wife’s students, only to find out the real world is cut throat and hard and mommy and daddy wont be there to wipe their nose when things get tough. Sorry for going the long way to get to my point but I saw a direct link to what your guests were saying.

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