Tottenham Hotspur Home Jersey 09/10 Season: Leaked


A photograph of Tottenham Hotspur’s home jersey for the 2009-10 season has been leaked (pictured above).

Designed and manufactured by Puma, the new design looks completely different than the current Spurs shirt. The biggest difference of the new white shirt with navy blue trim is the yellow trim that has been added to accentuate the design. Tottenham shirts throughout the years have historically been white and navy blue. As far as I can tell (thanks to Historical Kits), the only time their home shirt had yellow in it was back in the 1896-1898 seasons when Tottenham’s home kit was yellow and black.

In addition to the yellow highlights, another point that may anger Spurs supporters is the prominence of the Puma logo. Having it on the right side of the shirt is fine, but it’s also prominently displayed on both shoulders which seems quite excessive.

I can appreciate Puma trying to mix up the design of the home shirt to add some excitement but, in my opinion, they’ve gone too far. Instead of designing a shirt that is classy and traditional, they’ve crossed the line and produced a shirt that looks gimmicky.

What do you think of the new Tottenham Hotspur jersey? Click the comments link below and share your feedback.

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116 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Home Jersey 09/10 Season: Leaked”

  1. Looks cheap and more like a Leeds strip!!!! whats going on with the Yellow. The all white kit with badges etc in Navy look far better to me this looks like a rugby shirt.
    Just my 2 cents. I will not be buying that!

    1. Bishopville Red. Spurs short on class??
      We might not be very good sometimes, but over the years class is not something we have been short of. Villa, Ardiles, Hoddle, Ginola, Klinsmann, Berbatov….
      I think I will leave it right there.

  2. The shirt looks garbage i hope that it is for that matter a training shirt and not something that the club expect good paying fans to buy ! Please change if it is lol

  3. it is the shirt, sponsor not decided yet as mansion have pulled out.

    crap photo though. colours are awful, look at the arsenal red!

    1. Mansion have not pulled out! they have another year to run as do Puma! and this is not next seasons shirt!

  4. I think it’s the sh**tiest shirt I have ever seen from Spurs, even if it is a training top. I would have discarded this one but something tells me that this could be close. Remember the match program against City, and the ad said, glory comes in 3 colours, well this rag has those three colours on it. I thought this seasons shirt was also a poor fit.

    Please get rid of Puma, they are clearly not capable. I think Umbro are the kigs at the minute, great designs.

  5. for all you smart arse no it alls who seem to think this is a training shirt or indeed a fake, you my freinds are going to be VERY dissapointed, that’s legit alright!

  6. Benfrey, what have I told you about telling tall stories? Really, if you ever left that bedroom of yours and stopped spending all your time on that computer you’d maybe get a girlfriend.

    Also, why haven’t you done your spelling homework yet? I’ve told you plenty of times, it’s “i” before “e” except after “c” now go and practice writing “friends” until you have some.

  7. It is legit, there have been versions like this going around for a month now.
    Its the Puma style this season to have the chest detail.
    If you are not sure just google the new Zenit away shirt and you will see they have the same colours and have Puma kit also.
    Gonna divide the fans this one i think!

  8. As stated on other sites – this is a fake taken from a sales brochure of a Singaporean company. The club have acted accordingly.

    It is a fake.

    If you want self-confirmation, take a gander at the Woolwich shirt, now go look at an actual pic of the new one. All wrong, and i hear the red panels on the fake are made from fuzzy felt, whereas the real new Woolwich shirt is made primarily of dead baby skin, all bred especially for the job *cough*

  9. We’ve had yellow trim in recent times – I like it.

    Rumours suggested that PUMA were also taking over as sponsors, which would explain why the shirt is adorned with the logo…

  10. I Work in a football specialists store and i know exactly what our kits are next season. That picture up there is the training kit. mansion is still our sponsor and it looks kinda similar to the picture.. The away shirt is a dark blue with the yellow trim.

  11. i LIKE IT!! i think its a wee bit classy and adds a bit of variation!!

    I think that its nicer than the current one!!

    But i have to admit it does look quite alot like a Spurs training Kit i seen recently!!

  12. A lot of people are saying that it is a training shirt because it has no sponsor.
    The shirts are always designed first without the sponsor. Mansion still might pull out with 1 year left on their deal anyway.

    Also, the training shirts are rarely ever white. Normally, blue and black.

  13. “iccchhhhsssss” = “yuk” = “what are they thinking”???

    I am pretty much left speechless by how horrified I am. Can’t imagine seeing the Tottenham team run out on to the pitch wearing this kit.

    And it’s actually supposed to cost $99?!?

    Help us all – but COYS

  14. Mansion may not be our sponsor, they are desperately trying to end their sponsorship cos they have no money. Why do you think spurs didn’t wear their new kit on the last game of the season like they always do? Cos they don’t know who the sponsor will be in august.

  15. Very likely the real thing as the style matches other new Puma shirts as said. Its ugly. We have had yellow on the home shirt before – but never so prominently (Im thinking the trim on Umbro shirt collars and sleeve cuffs of the Sheringham-Klinsmann days).

    We’re gonna get hammered about having a ‘yellow streak’ as soon as we let our first 2 goal lead of the season slip….

  16. I certainly will not buy this. It reminds me of a rugby league jersey, hull or wasps type of gig. I never liked Puma. The only jersey I liked from them was in fact the Fulham one. I think it is probably going to this though, got a feeling. I seen other fakes, but I think I would prefer any of them versus this poor effort. They should have let the fans design it.

  17. i work at spurs megastore and with the first team. This Is Not The Kit,I’ve Seen It And Saw The Players modelling it

      1. Spurs usually allow the megastore staff in to the modelling sessions, they certainly did last year because one of them emailed me the pictures.

  18. i like the yellow and the design, but the spurs badge should be in the middle and the puma logos only on the shoulders

  19. ouch! this really looks like a fake asian tasteless leeds training kit! I would not mind some yellow on the shirt but this is just ugly!
    Hopefully the real new design will be a bit classy and dominant!

  20. $99 what a rip off for a piece of crap i can see spurs wearing that and abot 3 supporters actually buying it

  21. I hate everything about all the Puma kits we’ve had. The style of them are crap the material feels cheap and nasty and the cut and shape is just ordinary. I’ve never bought a single one which does my head in because i like to think i contribute a little every season, but not for these crappy Puma kits. Bring back Kappa!!!

  22. guys we havnt pulled out of mansion deal i went on tour on thursday and she said one yeaar left and they might be one of the main sponsers for the new staduim but i really hope bill nicholson gets a stand anmed after him x afterall his ashes are on the pitch itself

  23. I have to say I like it, would prefer the badge in the centre and mansion for all report have pulled out of sponcoring us. The umbro top of 91 had yellow trim and that was good, lets be honest we are all gonna buy it. Come on we bough them crapy Pony ones these are much better then that. However i dont think this it the real kit, but the last time we had such a big change in design we almost came fourth so maybe it will be a good thing.
    I for one like the puma stuff as the kappa ones always had itchy collars, lets just see what comes out. Hopefully in time for us to get it before the Wembley cup.

  24. also at the tour she had seen the kit and said it has change alot and is alot different to previous kits . me personal quit like it it is different i would just prefer the yellow to be navy . when is the actual relaese date for the kit ??????

  25. Looks good to me! I’d love there to be NO sponsor or maybe a worthwhile charity, like Barca and Villa have, certainly NOT anything to do with promoting gambling! I know it would lose us money but I used to be proud of the fact that we had no adverts around the pitch at the Lane. We’re NOT a money-grabbing outfit and our outfits should be fit and appropriate for ALL supporters, of ALL ages, to wear with pride. To Dare is to Do! Let;s dare to have an ethical sponsor …. or none at all!
    PS I still won’t buy JVC or O2 products! I’ve got ethics too!

  26. This is disgusting, if this is the new shirt it will be the first time in 20 years i have not purchased it, and would be ashamed of such a disgusting pile of junk.

  27. think the yellow is there to emphasis our backbone in games away from home!, though the stripe should be wider and on the rear of the shirt!!!, it’s bloody awful all the same,looks cheap , but bet it wont be?

  28. I’m praying this isn’t our home kit, but the last two home shirts from Puma have been very poor, imho.
    I’m just holding out that just like the dreadful England shirt that was doing the rounds in March this year, this will be proved to be completely fake.
    It is beyond dreadful.
    It reminds me of the dark days of Gross, Vega, Sugar and Pony kits. Urgh.

  29. I would like to point out to all our supporters that this is NOT the new shirt for 2009.

    Details of our new kit will be made available on the club website.

    Daniel Levy

  30. To Be Honest, I Dont Think This Is The Kit.
    However If It Is, It Might Be Quite Nice Because That Is A Rubbish Picture.
    And As Soon As We Get A Sponser To Cover That Huge White Space, The Kit Will Look Better. We Havnt Seen The Shorts Yet Or Socks, So The Complete Kit Might Be Quite Good.
    But We Dont Have To Wait Long Now Untill We Find Out If Thats The Real Kit, Because Our Kit Is Lunched In June (This Month)


  31. We are Tottenham, we are the Lilywhites, I would like to know who has defaced our shirt and Which German asshole from Puma is responsible!! If thats is our kit I am going to be most upset.


    1. Post the link – Ive just been all over the training section of the Spurs website shop and this is not on there…

    2. This isn’t a training top and it’s not on their website (I just checked). I’ve read Mansion will not be sponsoring us next season either. This may explain the sponsorless kit in the pic. I have heard that Holsten (now owned by Carlsberg and still our “official” beer), will be returnng as our new sponsor, else we may be sponsorless like West Brom were this seson. Also the design ties in with other new Puma made kits for other teams next seson. I don’t mind this kit, it looks ok to me.

      1. I’ve looked at the Arsenal and Milan shirts for 09/10 Season and they do appear to be the ones in the picture. The Arse only have a new away kit, same home kit and Milan have a new Home kit, sleeves of which are identical to what’s shown in the picture above. I think it’s a safe bet to assume that the pic above is real.

  33. What pointless speculation. I’ll pass comment on the new strip when I’ve seen it launched by the club.

  34. Right, can a couple of you jerk offs back this s**t up?

    It isn’t on the webiste for sale at all.

    If you have da pikz coz youse wokz at spuz innit then post the f**king picture, otherwise f**k off. yeah doe, we wantz pikz yeah.

    pr**k. The level of literacy in the Spurs back office clearly isn’t that high.

    this isn’t the kit because, and I know this might be a bit too intelligent for some, it hasn’t got a sponsor. So unless the club have just f**ked off millions a year in a Barcaesque way, this isn’t it.

  35. Kevin Boatang, I fully agree with you and loving your Engligh and Grammer. Keep it real bruv Brappp brappp!!!

  36. its obvious this isnt the kit, it doesnt have the mansion sponsor. it is probably a training kit.

    al, may you send the kit pictures to my email “”


  37. i think this is the new spurs shirt!if you look closley at the details when compared to other 09/10 templates released by puma it is very simelar. eg lazio , bordeaux,helsingborg,zenit etc .

  38. Anyone who really believes that Spurs are gonna wear a white black and yellow home shirt can ‘lick my left one’

  39. Wether this is, or is not our kit for next season – its not traditional or nice. Puma have obviosly tried to turn it into some kind of new spurs tradition. Not for me.
    If the black was blue I wouldn’t have a problem. But there are no history in Spurs wearing out black over the last 126 years.

    Keep the blue in THFC.

  40. From what I’m aware, that is the new kit, its not black and is blue. And we are getting a new sposor for next season.

    I think I will decide how I feel about it when proper pictures have been released.

  41. The adverts at WHL at last game of the season where about 3 colours. Blue, White and Yellow. If wot looks like blakc is actually blue cause its a bad then it could b the kit.

  42. The white kit in the ”glory comes in three colours” promo picture has a collar! I don’t think they would take that picture and then let puma make it collar-less, even though i hate collars i hate this kit even more and IF they make it they are mental.

  43. Thats it mate! what ever was wrong with white and blue, keep it retro baby!

    oh well, just hope we get some decent players to run around in it!

    Are they changing all 3 kits again, what a rip off, i thought new rules came out to stop this? sell by date and what not?

  44. spurs are the greatest club in the world and can play well in whatever they were as long as its not pony thats just embarrising haha

  45. i dont want it 2 b but i fink its pretty likely coz if mansion were sponsorin us wii wuld ave had the kit by now. it looks s**t

  46. “If it were the new kit, why is it hung next to last year’s Arsenal kit? That makes no sense”

    The Arse have been quoted to be keeping the same home kit which explains why it would be the same.

  47. This will probably be the new kit!

    To clear up a few issues: Its bung next to the arsenal kit because they are not changing their home one this year.

    It is not black, it is blue its just a dodgy photo.

    The away will be the same design just predominately blue, and the third will be predominately yellow.

    Also the new training tops support the three colours on one top, and their are pics of these on spurs online – gives a good idea of what all three kits designs will be like!!

  48. There is a mjor reason why this is not the kit – Puma do not put the logo on the shoulders of our current kit like they do on other teams because it contravenes Premier League rules, so this will be the case again.

  49. if you have a look at YIDO YIDO’s comment and click on his link, you will see that feyenoord complained to puma and to the club about their new shirt, so puma took it back and changed it. I think if Spurs done the same, maybe the yellow could be taken out and replaced… or maybe the whole kit could be replaced because the design is shockin! the yellow V looks like a monobrow with the 2 logos beneath it. ive looked at a couple other Puma kits and have to say, they have made a right hash of them this year. Get Pro-Star to make the kit! =D

  50. I think this is the new kit, As on the spurs site this week, they are advertising the kit launch, And the slogan “Glory comes in 3 colours” IE 3 colours on each strip, Again, If you take a look a the spurs site, It has 3 players woodgate lennon and king siloutes, the tottenham badge And also puma, HOWEVER, there is no mension of mansion, Witch is odd, As im sure they wud have had at least a logo on the advert, I did hear Mansion and spurs were discussin a possible early end to the contract due to the ressicion and spurs not gettin into europe….. Rumours of HSBC, HOLSTEN, AND EVEN NINTENDO have been floatin around, So who Knows…..Fingers crossed it aint red 😉

  51. F**king hell it might not be real but it is funny when idiots like me put s**t like this all over the net. It is fun for me cause it winds up you gormless bastards in North London.

  52. This is a training kit for 09/10 season, i seen it! My friend works there as a trainer & he has been given it already!!!

  53. i can 100% Confirm, i have a picture, *REAL* Not a drawing or pic of a pic, And actual Shirt pic of the AWAY BLUE kit, We are sponsord by HOLSTON 😉

    I’ll be happy to forward on 😉

    1. Nick I have just spoke to the spurs store in harlow to ask if there was any new details on the spurs kit regarding sponsors and technical sponsors for the coming season,the girl told me we are still with mansion and puma and not holsten im afraid to say, sorry mate
      Spurs store Harlow,01279 416171

  54. yiddoj90 i think ur right. the above picture looks real and on website they will show newjerseys on 25th june

    the very top picture of jersey is right to a certain degree but the pictures u got clean the jersey up and i actually really like them now

  55. OK oK OK OK Just STOP!!!

    This is not the “new” spurs kit!! a couple of pointers to say why.
    1) It is not White and Blue alone it has some gold in it (never gunna happen) Home shirts are always “lilly”white and Blue
    2) this looks like the 2001 training top which was first introduced by puma after PONY and Addidas shafted us (THFC) on re-sell rights, and after deliberation with the marketing division the gold was taken out and a plain white polo shirt was introduced.

    For more information on this take a look at

    PMSL this isn’t the new shirt they haven’t finished the design yet!

  56. If anyone has actually been on the Spurs website lately then they would know that it hasn’t even been revealed yet as I’m trying to get hold of the new shirts for my son and I. Plus, if this were an unveiling picture, it would not be placed to Arsenal, the North London Rivals of Tottenham. To top things off, the yellow that is printed on the shirt is NOT the Tottenham Canary Yellow! Surely fans as yourselves would realise this?
    Everyone should wait till the kit launched. First game is August 15th, Liverpool at home!! Tottenham’s management will want everyone wearing the new kit so it will have to go on sale before then, and it will have to be launched before it goes on sale.

    Just stay tuned on

  57. this is probably the worst home shirt ever produced. my son is gonna have to do without one this year because, 1) he dont like it, and 2) i aint spending good money on a rally bad design…SORT THIS MESS OUT MR PUMA!!

  58. the kits get launched on the spurs website on 25th june so just go look at them on the website when you know for defo they are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Hi,

    im a spurs fan and that is not the jersey. Mansion is sponsoring them on the front of the jersey.
    Go to and have a look of the Spurs v’s Barca pics!

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