Birmingham City Away Kit For 09/10 Season Leaked


Pictures have been leaked of the new away kit for newly promoted Birmingham City.

Designed and manufactured by Umbro, and sponsored by F&C Investments, the new Birmingham City away kit will be released this summer for the 2009-10 season.

Just like many Premier League clubs next season, Birmingham City has decided to choose a black away kit. The black kit with yellow and white trim is quite plain in appearance.

To spice up the new away kit and to get Birmingham City fans excited about next season, the club have Photoshopped two City players “in action” against Premier League clubs Chelsea and Manchester City. Pictured below are City players getting the better of Robinho and Ashley Cole. Whether they can do that on the pitch next season with such a plain football kit is questionable!

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Source: Todo Sobre Camisetas.

9 thoughts on “Birmingham City Away Kit For 09/10 Season Leaked”

  1. It was officially released yesterday at noon on

    I’d love to say it’s nice, but it really is boring. The only element of design – the embossed logo – won’t even feature on replica shirts.

    Cheap looking and could’ve been designed by anyone. Shame, I won’t be buying.

  2. How on earth was it ‘leaked’? Most fans our very happy about the new away kit and how it looks what do you want it to be red, white and blue? We are Birmingham City are away shirt is irrelevant because most of the time we’ll be able to play in blue. Idiots.

  3. Been waiting for the kit launch with excited interest but when I finally saw the away kit, I was left cold. Previous fanbase consultations down the years have suggested fans prefer collars to the simple v-neck, but the new kit has no collars. I also liked what umbro did with the england shirt, designing the 3-lions emblem larger (retro style), no such luck with the blues shirt. We have quite an interesting looking club emblem with the football and globe, we are all proud of it, so why not make it big as with england. I didn’t like the black shirt last time and as far as I remember it was never really praised by fans, so why go to the dark side again? It also looks like a wolves shirt not a blues shirt with the yellow/gold trim. I’m afraid it really does look plain, boring and lacks any style. do bcfc pay someone to design this rubbish, if so don’t pay them. tell them they haven’t done anything by way of design so forget being paid.

  4. Dean,

    I’ll say the same thing to you as I said to people who moaned at the new England shirt; you’re not a designer, you don’t know what goes into apparel design, so try not to pass judgement beyond a very superficial assessment based on your own opinion. You have a right to that. But less is more and the design is still a design, even if it’s not covered in coloured panels and tassles and whatnot.

    Rule 101: If you’re the kind of person who wears a football shirt anywhere other than a football match, you have no right to comment on good/bad design.

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