Major League Soccer Talk #79: Dan Duggan, Michigan Bucks


Michigan Bucks Chairman Dan Duggan joins host Kartik Krishnaiyer for a timely discussion as the PDL season begins. We discuss the history of the Bucks including several deep US Open Cup runs between 1999 and 2002, the 2006 PDL title, and the number of big name USMNT, MLS and USL players whose careers have started with the Bucks. We also talk about possible MLS and USL-1 expansion in the Detroit market, the largest North American metropolitan area without a MLS or USL-1 franchise.

4 thoughts on “Major League Soccer Talk #79: Dan Duggan, Michigan Bucks”

  1. the great michigan bucks and as a former player of the bucks in the past 3 years i just want to add that i will always be loyal to the bucks and DD. and i want to thank DD for everything he has done for me to be able to be where i am and i will do anything for the bucks any time any day when needed. great interview DD.

  2. Soccer specific stadium & USL1 would be great addition to ultimate soccer grounds.

    Dan Duggan, thanks for commitment to bringing MLS (or USL1) to area.

    Dont give up.

  3. Havn’t listened to the podcast yet but Detroit? Seriously? I would love for my birth state and home of my parents for 30 odd yrs to be in better shape but it’s not. Would MLS really want a team there with all the trouble Michigan is in? USL I can see, but not MLS, at least not right now. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a Mich. for Detroit hater but the shape they’re both in is worse than the rest of the country.

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