Blackburn Rovers Unveil New Away Football Kit For 2009-10 Season


Blackburn Rovers have officially unveiled their new away football kit for the 2009-10 season.

The new Blackburn Rovers away kit, designed and manufactured by Umbro and sponsored by Crown Paints, features a white shirt with red and blue trim, and red shorts and socks.

What do you think of the new Blackburn Rovers away kit? Click the comments link below and share your opinion.

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14 thoughts on “Blackburn Rovers Unveil New Away Football Kit For 2009-10 Season”

  1. its nice, its different, im not to kean on the blue bits on the side though i think they should have been red or kept all white but the blue bit on the neck piece is fine, im still going to buy it tho! well dont umbro, shame about the blue side bits tho i think the blue is clashing with the red to much colour, needs to be simple but with a great impact.

  2. If you got rid of the red and blue on the top, the white on the shorts and halved the size fo the crown paints logo it would look v good. Up the Sheff Utd!

  3. Well, honestly, i don’t like this one…it’s look cheap. And white shirt seems not go long with red short and socks. Too bad.

  4. very differant than last years, much better, will clash with sheff utd when they get promoted, but never mind

  5. im not a blackburn supporter, but i think that this is a good kit. no offence but i hate umbro kits, but this is the best ive seen of one. best one yet from umbro. bit crowded with the sponser CROWN but this is blown away out of contrast with the great design and patterns placed on the shirt. thanks. and good luck for the coming season. btw im a arsenal supporter! :)

  6. Yeya I like it. Bright colours like that work well to make the players look bigger (as with Chelsea’s orange keeper kit). Nice one Umbro. If I was a Rovers fan, I would definitely buy it. But I’m not. Come on you Gunners!

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