Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool: An Instant Classic


Years from now, we’ll look back and talk about that incredible four-all draw between Chelsea and Liverpool in the 2009 Champions League quarter-final from Stamford Bridge. We’ll lament how Champions League football isn’t as exciting as it used to be, how teams don’t play as open a game that they used to, and how we saw an incredible 12 goals in a two-leg affair.

Savor the moment because it’ll be a long time before a game like this ever happens again.

What a wonderful advertisement for not only the world’s game, but also the level of skill and passion found in the English Premier League. These were two teams who never gave up until the final whistle was blown. Full credit has to go to Chelsea for not killing time. And how about Liverpool? Even when the score was 4-4 and they had to score 2 goals to try to win it with just a few minutes left, the team still pushed forward with an insane sense of belief that they could pull it off.

The game was full of heroes on the spring night in west London. First, the supporters from both clubs were amazing. The deafening roars and singing drowning out the usually loud Champions League theme song. The flag waving Chelsea fans near the end. The Liverpool fans who never gave up.

Then there were the players on the pitch. Man of the match, in my opinion, had to be Frank Lampard who showed the coolness under pressure and touch of class to be the deciding factor between the two teams. Didier Drogba worked incredibly hard too and gave one of his best performances in months.

With Liverpool, it was more of a team effort than individual players standing out. Collectively they played with so much passion and confidence, particularly in the first half, that they did their city and football club so proud. This was a team who came within a whisker, so many times, of snatching enough goals and staging one of the greatest comebacks of all time. But whenever they came close, Chelsea continued to step up their game and put them one step closer to a victory on aggregate.

This was an edge of the seat classic. This was a beautiful example of how football should be played. This is a game I’ll never forget.

9 thoughts on “Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool: An Instant Classic”

  1. maybe this game sends a message to espn, to bid what ever they have for the premier league tv rights in the us.

  2. The makeup of this game would have been entirely different had it not been for Gerrard and Terry’s absence. Gerrard, out due to injury, could have been the difference-maker for Liverpool – forcing Chelsea to pull back and defend more. His style and linkup play with Torres would have been a threat that Chelsea would have needed to deal with.

    Similarly, if Terry was in the lineup for Chelsea I don’t think that Liverpool would have stormed two goals, twice in ten minute spans. His calm directive at the back line would have buoyed his men and slowed the oncoming rush from the Reds.

    In any case, you’re right. This game was a classic match which highlights why the EPL is the best league in the world. Too bad for any teams moving forward that Barcelona are the best team right now, and that includes the mighty Manchester United. After today’s display, Chelsea will have to buckle down and hope for an away goal in order to move past the Spanish giants.

  3. I don’t think a flurry of goals necessarily makes a match any worse or better.

    It was a good match but I thought it was a good match due to the little back and and forth and the attitudes both teams adopted. I wouldn’t mind if the match ended at 1-1 rather than 4-4 but the interesting part was neither team could really overwhelm the other.

    Overall though I’m convinced Chelsea will lose against Barcelona. Chelsea are a magnificent team but if they don’t defend properly, leave gaps for the opposition to pick the ball up and give away stupid free kicks Barcelona will pick them apart mercilessly.

    Chelsea need to stop playing so flashy and concentrate on getting good results and the first step is to improve their defense, retain more of the ball and develop an intelligent counter attack.

    Beating Barcelona is not an impossible task for Chelsea. In fact I still think last years Chelsea is superior to this years Barcelona.

  4. The game was a classic last night. And how about Essien’s block in goal? That was amazing. I didn’t get a chance to watch the game in full (I had to fast forward through parts in order to get to bed at a decent time), but the parts I saw were incredible. Lampard was the man of the match last night, no question. Drogba was great too, but he flopped and faked too much for my liking yesterday. And this is coming from a Chelsea fan.

  5. What a fantastic match. Both teams wanted it. Both teams worked hard until the final whistle. Both teams attacked and attacked and attacked some more. This match is definitely the match of the year, so far. I would love to see it topped.

    Barcelona will pick apart Chelsea’s defense. They are as good as through to the Final.

  6. all hands up to chelsea players ,the supporters not forgeting the good job done by the a big task ahead so keep it up guys

  7. what a game! Lets just not forget that Chelsea is much more physical. I dont think Barca would be favourites of the semi at all. Essien will take Messi off the pitch just as he did with Gerrard in the 1st leg. Also who needs defense if ur capable of scoring 8 ? 😀

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