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Who Will Feel The Pain Of Relegation?

relegation 300x217 Who Will Feel The Pain Of Relegation?The season is almost over and other then Charlton Athletic, the final relegation spots are still up for grabs by two unlucky clubs. While it has not been made official, it is only a matter of a couple more matches before Charlton’s relegation to League One is confirmed leaving two more slots for two more unlucky teams. While there are 10 teams within 9 points of the relegation zone, with a couple of wins in the last 6 matches 4 of those teams will be safe.

Teams that only need 2 more wins to guarantee safety:

Doncaster Rovers: 49 points, with one more win they will pass the 50 point barrier which usually is the points needed to stay safe in the Championship

Watford: 47 points and have one game in hand. With the game in hand, Watford should be able to secure safety with two more wins at minimum.

Derby County: 47 points and two games in hand Derby are in good position to secure safety this season. While their form has been up and down they have enough talent to secure safety by April.

Blackpool: 47 points, they have been mid-table all season and after just securing their future last season, Blackpool know what it takes to survive in the Championship and I think they will do it.

Teams in immediate danger of entering the drop zone:

Barnsley: 44 points, two games in hand. If Barnsely can win their two matches in hand and pull off another win and a couple of draws that should be enough for them to stay in the Championship for another season.

Norwich: 43 points, while they are only two points away from the drop zone, Norwich have picked up their formĀ getting 10 points from a possible 15. If they can keep this form up it will be an uphill battle but it should be enough to secure safety.

Plymouth: 43 points, Unlike Norwich, Plymouth are on a horrible run of form and that doesn’t look like that is about to change. Plymouth need to dig deep and find a way to win or all too soon they could find themselves playing football in League One next season.

Team in the Current Relegation Zone:

Nottingham Forest: 41 points, Forest have struggled to adapt to the Championship all season and have endured more then a couple of thumpings this season. They have hovered around the drop zone all season and unless they find something inside them and a few results go their way they will be making an immediate return to League One.

Southampton: 40 points, 1 match in hand. Southampton have been around the relegation zone all season and they need to find a way to start winning, and winning fast. They need to basically win all their remaining matches and hope that some results go against those four teams above them if they are to pull off an escape.

Charlton: 29 points, 1 game in hand. At this point it really doesn’t matter what Charlton do, they are headed for League One next season. All they have to play for is pride and finishing off the season as best they can. Its amazing to think only three years ago they were a mid-table Premiership team and now they will be in League One next season.

My relegation predictions: Charlton, Nottingham Forest, Plymouth. I think Southampton will escape.

4 Responses to Who Will Feel The Pain Of Relegation?

  1. Sherlock Holmes says:

    elementary my dear Watson…..hmmm…anyone get the impression this deluded writer is a Saints fan…perhaps you’re Rupert Lowe in disguise ho ho ho ho!!

    Charlton Southampton and Plymouth are the merchants of doom to fall through the trap door fear not?

  2. Deluded, hardly I am a Derby fan so I really dont care who goes down as long as Notts Florist are among the three that do.

  3. Sherlock Holmes says:

    ahh i see, well well well….. 3 weeks on and it looks like you can put those predictions in my pipe and smoke ‘em my dear!!
    Are you preparing a mystic article for the championship 09/10 soon then?? I’m looking forward to it….I can foresee Billy Davies leading Forest into the play offs!! Ooooh!

  4. Shakira Graham says:

    Wow why so angry there pal, like I said I am a Derby fan. As long as they dont go down I’m happy. Last time I checked I said it was only an opinon about my picks for relegation not set in stone truth. You need to chill out.

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