European Draw For Bundesliga Clubs

In the Champion’s League, Bayern Munich drew Barcelona in the most intriguing clash of the quarter finals. The former champions of the competition will square off April 8th at Camp Nou and April 14th at the Allianz. The winner will subjected to watching the footage of another dire Liverpool/Chelsea clash and if they don’t commit suicide will face that winner in the semis.

In the UEFA Cup, Hamburg could potentially face Werder Bremen in the semi-finals. Hamburg and Werder both have home ties to start the quarter final round, with HSV facing Manchester City and Werder facing Udinese on the 9th and 16th. The key for Hamburg will be to take advantage of City’s abject road form, building as big a lead as possible before the return leg in Eastlands. Werder just need to hope current form holds, where they are smoking hot and Udinese are floundering.

If HSV and Werder do win, the Bundesliga will be assured a finalist in this year’s competition.

4 thoughts on “European Draw For Bundesliga Clubs”

  1. It’s funny. I was watching the CL draw and for some reason I kept chanting Chelsea in my head and lo and behold, it’s really them facing Liverpool…again!

    Anyhow, Barcelona have been considered from the start as the big favourites for the title this season in the CL. So Klinsmann knows what he has to do. Even if I have to speak as a neutral, the Barcelona-Bayern Munich tie is the one to look forward to of all the quarter-final matchups.

  2. I regret that Bayern will have to see off Barcelona so early in the competition, but hey, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do!

  3. You know, Barca and Bayern are very similiar. Poor defenses, shaky goallies, great offenses, imposing talismen (Ribery vs. Messi). The difference is Alves vs. Oddo. And I think Alves is the best player in the world. A fullback who can defend, create, score and never tires. I’d take that over Messi, Ribery, Ibra, Torres, Diego, etc….any day of the week.

  4. I think another bad thing for BM is the whole Klose/Toni being injured mess. Especially Klose being out for 6 weeks for sure will hurt them against Barca since he has proven to be able to score important goals against big names, see world cup quarterfinal equalizer against Argentine for example

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