Champions League TV Rights In US Almost Finalized

sportel-americaKartik Krishnaiyer and I went down to Miami yesterday morning to attend the SportelAmerica Conference where we interviewed executives from Setanta Sports and GolTV as well as former World Soccer editor Keir Radnedge and a few surprise guests.

We covered a lot of news. The biggest headline was that the US TV rights to the Champions League were being finalized and an announcement is due within the next 48 hours. We understand that Setanta, Fox and ESPN were involved in the bidding.

More details to come, but in the meantime, listen to the exclusive interview with Setanta Sports from the SportelAmerica show to learn about the latest developments at Setanta, when HD is coming, when the network will be on Comcast Cable nationwide, what the latest status is regarding the US TV rights to the Premier League, and much more. Enjoy.


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