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Chelsea Players Play Blame Game and Other Premier League News

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It took a couple of days, but the rift in the Chelsea dressing room seems to have finally made it out onto the public forum of the press.

It all had to start with John Terry, doing his best to absolve his blame in Scolari’s sacking by saying he was behind the manager 100 percent, but says he was only one of two or three people behind Scolari. I hate to say this JT, but I think you are lying right out of your teeth. If you were behind the manager, where was your work rate? Oh that’s right, it wasn’t there. Where was your motivation to get everyone behind the cause? Oh that’s right it wasn’t there. Did you show to the players why you should be captain? That right, you certainly didn’t.

If you are to believe the Daily Express (and Daily Mail), the three men responsible for Scolari’s sacking are Michael Ballack, Didier Drogba and Petr Cech. Ballack has come out and denied this, saying that it was all the players faults, not Scolari’s. Petr Cech is also saying it wasn’t him. All Drogba seems to want to say is that Hiddink’s appointment will be good.

If any player went to Roman and stated their case for Scolari to be sacked, they should immediately be put up for sale come the end of the season. It is not up to the players to decide who is or who isn’t the manager, it is up to the players to do their best to fit into the system their manager wants to play. Every single Chelsea player fits into that mold.

It’s going to be interesting to see who in the end which players were responsible for Scolari being sacked. In my mind, Ballack’s right, all of em were. In that case, attitude reflects leadership John Terry.

Other Stories
Could this be the first piece of the puzzle in Sven going to Portsmouth as Brian Kidd has come in to be an assistant. Could the second piece be Mexico’s 2-0 loss to the United States Wednesday night? The Mexican press is already calling for Sven’s head and they usually end up getting their way quickly.

Add Harry Redknapp to the list of people who will probably make a bet on Guus Hiddink staying at Chelsea once this season is over.

Daniel Agger is threatening to leave Liverpool unless he gets more first team games. Hey Agger how about this, do some of the hard work and if you’re good enough, you’ll play!

Newcastle United will wait on the next two games before deciding on if they will bring someone in to replace Joe Kinnear in the short term. While I understand they want to show some restraint, the number of games in the season is starting to dwindle, and you’re already admitting relegation fears. Dennis Wise though won’t be coming back.

And finally, it’s being reported Real Madrid are looking to get a seventy million Euro bank loan in order to fund purchasing Cristiano Ronaldo. All I can say is ‘oh brother, here we go again!’

3 Responses to Chelsea Players Play Blame Game and Other Premier League News

  1. FFBLL says:

    Hiddink should follow the methodology what Jose used to follow…. Drogba and lampard should lead the attack for Chelsea…..

  2. FFBLL says:

    what all say abt this?

  3. kyle says:

    chelsea are the best team ever

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