New 09/10 Chelsea Home Shirt Revealed

A picture of Chelsea’s new home shirt for the 2009/2010 season has been leaked.

Manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Samsung, the new Chelsea shirt features a design that makes the shirt look like it’s divided into panels. While that effect makes the shirt look more three dimensional, the top section of the shirt looks like a bra. Also of note in the design is what looks like a zipper beneath the round collar.

The new Chelsea home shirt features the classic Adidas three stripes along the shoulder and arm.

While Chelsea’s home shirt features their traditional blue, the new away shirt for the club could be white with black pinstriped hoops, and a third shirt which is black and blue hooped with fluroscent yellow or gold club crest.

Thanks to Football Shirts for the tip and photo.

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UPDATED: Adidas contacted me this afternoon to request that the image be removed because it’s in violation of their intellectual property rights.

5 thoughts on “New 09/10 Chelsea Home Shirt Revealed”

  1. I will safely bet thats not the new Chelsea shirt, i had a look at the new Spain shirt which is also adidas, i bet thats whant the new Chelsea shirt will look like but with different colours, its quite a smart shirt too.

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