Mike Pollitt Costs Wigan Three Points Against Liverpool

You never commit too soon.

Mike Pollitt did just that towards the end of the first half of Wigan’s home tie with Liverpool and paid the price. While Mido equalize late in the match, this was a game where Wigan seriously had a chance at getting all three points.

Yes it’s harsh to blame one person with regards to points lost, but on a night where Liverpool were far from their best this was a golden opportunity to get all three points. The game wasn’t all that entertaining, Wigan had huge stretches where they were on the ball. However, they didn’t do a thing with it.

Let’s be honest about Liverpool as well, they weren’t all that convincing as well. The goal in the forty-first minute came completely out of the blue. Pollitt’s decision to commit so soon left Yossi Benayoun an empty net to shoot at. Benayoun to his credit though, had the tightest of angles  after nearly running the ball out for a goal kick and did well to turn the ball in at the far post.

Liverpool though ended up shooting themselves in the foot and gave up their lead thanks to a ridiculous penalty that should see Lucas benched for the next match. Just giving Jason Koumas a right old kick in the penalty area has to go down as one of the candidates of dumb move of the season. Mido’s equalizer was deserved but it makes me wonder what would have happened had Pollitt not jumped the gun on Benayoun’s opener? Would Wigan have won it? They nearly did on their own merit at the end when Hugo Rodallega hit the wood work. I am just convinced that Wigan would have won it had Pollitt been wiser and stayed on his line.

Other Thoughts From Today’s Action
* Salamon Kalou’s two goals today were a welcomed sight as Chelsea beat Middlesbrough. However when you have 24 shots on goal, you should be scoring more than 2 goals. With all the time Boro spent in their own half, they should feel fortunate they only lost 2-0 and not by more.

* Fair play to Manchester City for beating Newcastle United at home. However the story to this one are the injuries to Michael Owen and Joey Barton. This is the last thing Joe Kinnear needs as they are only 2 points above the danger zone.

* Everton were robbed by Robin Van Persie’s injury time equalizer. However Arsenal have bigger problems on their hands as three of the top four got three points and there is a gap starting to widen between the Champions League spots. What ace does Wenger have up his sleeve to get his side back in the top four? I’m curious to find out what it is.

* How soon is it before we are talking about Hull City as relegation fodder? They look a side that right now are out of ideas. Phil Brown has a bigger job on his hands keeping this side safe than I think he will want to admit.

* Lucky for Sam Allardyce that Benni McCarthy made up for missing from the spot with grabbing a late equalizer. However, there’s still plenty of work to be done by both sides if they want to get out of the relegation mire.

* Numbers just for my own benefit. 1-4 are separated by just 3 points. The number of teams within three points of relegation, that number is 8.

2 thoughts on “Mike Pollitt Costs Wigan Three Points Against Liverpool”

  1. I am a Wigan Fan, and I don't think Pollit made a mistake. He cam he got a touch and did well forcing Benayoun out wide, but he got lucky at that angle, usually he would have done enough.
    Completely unfair to blame Pollit. I think 1-1 was a fair result, we lacked the attacking edge again, and if we hadn't conceded would we have been happy at 0-0 and sat back? I don't know but we certainly at 0-0 would not have played a 4-3-3. I am happy with the performance and the result, Dont know wat spacka rafa is playin at calling our approach crazy? someone will have to explain to him that an opposition having a go at the game, and matching their players physically is Good, Not crazy? only thing crazy about us was we had 5 changes to our first team and still took points.
    We deserved to beat them at Anfield but some w*nk refereeing, and my good friend Phil 'The Clown' Dowd, reffed, and he gave us a penalty!!!! Can u believe it, Remember Carling cup vs Arsenal,He owes us 3!
    1 Down Dowd 2 to go and I may stop my personal endeavour to ruin your life! Thanks for letting me have a rant!!!

  2. Headline could have easily read Lucas costs Liverpool 3 points…and how often have you played goalie, making the decision to stay on the line or come out? And Wigan did not have huge stretches of possession, they were better in the second half but were in no way dominant. Neither side deserved the 3 points. As a Liverpool fan, I'm tired of hearing the other teams' tactics blamed for draws or losses. Time to show up regardless of 10 behind the ball or 2.

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