Poll: Why Did Robinho Walk Out On Manchester City?

The Independent is reporting that Robinho walked out on Manchester City during their training camp in Tenerife this past weekend. Despite being incredibly immature, why do you think the Brazilian superstar walked out?

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Why Did Robinho Walk Out On Manchester City?”

  1. For Christ's sake…I'm a City season ticket holder and even I'm bored with it all!

    Oh, and the reason he “walked out” on City in Tenerife?

    He'd already cleared it with the club. His missus and kiddy were in Tenerife waiting for him to finish the training session. After which point, and with the clubs blessing, he left for Brazil. Not as good a headline though is it?

  2. or option 5. (as stated by the man himself) He did not walk out. He was given remission to return home. Hey, don't let the truth get in the way of another dig at City though!

  3. That's what Robinho's PR person is saying, but there still hasn't been an official statement from the club. Don't always believe what publicity people say.

    The Gaffer

  4. “Since last week Robinho had asked for the club's permission to travel in order to solve some family problems.

    “Therefore, after training at Tenerife on Monday, he left for Brazil with his wife and baby and will be back in a short few days.

    “He will for sure be playing on Wednesday against Newcastle and, as usual, will give his all to help the club to achieve victory.

    “He is very motivated and says he wants to be the league's top scorer”

    From Rob's own website. Gaffer? more Naff than gaff me thinks

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