Phil Schoen Interview

goltv-logo.jpgIn many ways, Phil Schoen is the voice of GolTV. The experienced soccer commentator is one of the most knowledgeable men in the United States on the topic of world soccer.

Kartik Krishnaiyer recently had a chance to sit down with Schoen to ask his opinion on several topics, including:

  • what does MLS need to do to address the fact that many younger players are paid more in the USL than MLS,
  • is it a better model for MLS to sign players from the CONCACAF region than European players such as Ljungberg and Beckham,
  • what does Barcelona and Brightstar need to do differently for soccer to succeed in South Florida, and
  • what are the advantages for Miami Barca playing at Florida International University, and his thoughts on the field turf there.

Watch the video interview, broken into four segments, here:



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