Man United 2-2 Aalborg: Tevez Has A Lot To Learn


If Carlos Tevez wants to be a starter for Manchester United, he needs to be more clinical in front of goal. Against Danish side Aalborg on Wednesday night in the Champions League, Tevez blew several chances to put the game out of the gutsy Aalborg’s reach. Instead the match ended 2-2, securing United’s position as the winner of the group, but leaving a lot to be desired regarding Tevez’s form.

The night started well for Tevez when he scored in the third minute after a beautiful link-up play from Wayne Rooney to Ryan Giggs, who flipped the ball into Tevez’s path where the Argentine struck a beautiful goal.

For the remainder of the match, however, Tevez’s form soured as he wasted chance after chance in front of goal. Sure, no one is perfect, but I believe Berbatov would have taken better advantage of the opportunities that Tevez had and, in doing so, could have easily scored a hat trick.

Based on this performance, Dimitar Berbatov should be the starter against Spurs this weekend. In the meantime, Tevez needs to continue sharpening his skills and his time will come.

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  1. I agree about his form, but disagree about the cause. I think if he was playing regularly he would be sharper. He's a fantastic player. What I wouldn't give to have him at Arsenal.

  2. Barbatov takes advantage by just standing in front of the keeper. Heaven forbid he actually run and create opportunities instead of barely being offsides and getting lucky. Tevez is at least onsides when he scores unlike several of Berbatovs. Berbatov is lazy unlike Tevez works like a mad man to help the team.

  3. I'm with Anja, I'm not that impressed with Berbatov.

    Tevez is a great player, and given more playing time I'm sure Tevez's finishing would improve. Unfortunately for Tevez, I think its really Wayne Rooney who fills a similar role at United, and Rooney is obviously in good form at the moment.

    Berbatov, for his part, reminds me in of Nicolas Anelka at Chelsea. Both are good, opportunistic, strikers, but both seem to lack an edge I'd want in a finals match against tough opposition (I'd always take Drogba over Anelka for that reason).

  4. Berbatov is like a cow pasturing in the fields. He got his cash and is at United. He sucks. Tevez plays like every game is his last. He is a true fighter in the sense and shows shades of attititude similar to Cantona and Keane. I would always choose Tevez over Berba in my opinion.

    Berba just knows how to clean up the garbage in front of goal. He has no creativity, and lacks the awarness of where to be to create opportunities for other players. Tevez makes it look easy. I would rather have someone like a Solksjaer or a Sheringham play up with Tevez, when they were in their prim. Berba just doesnt cut it. Ole Tevez!

  5. Berbatov and Tevez have their own characteristic. Berbatov doesn't make much run, but he has a better finishing and make good pass. Tevez is hard working and keep giving pressure to the defender. He is better in holding the possession. So, who be the starter will depend on the type of the opponent. Rooney always deserved a start because he can play different role in the team and did very well in each role given. His lack-of-goal might cause some criticism, but he is a quality player and should learn to handle pressure like Ronaldo.

  6. Sure, sure…

    Wonder what Alex Ferguson knows that you lot don't. Berbatov makes everyone around him better through his vision and understanding of the game.

    Tevez is an inredibly hard-working player, but you can't learn what Berbatov has or work your way there.

  7. Tevez was not the only culprit. Giggs, Nani, even Rooney, and Ferdinand were all very poor against a very weak side. Nani may be the worst footballer on the team. Giggs cycles between usable and atrocious. United's recent signing of the Serbian winger at least shows they're sensitive to how poor both have been this year.

  8. You are blinded likely by your own lack of intelligence. Berbatov has twice the class of Tevez; he's probably the classiest player in the EPL. Unfortunately, the subtlety of his touches and decisions means people without perception and real understanding of how the game is played can't see it. Tevez plays like a pit-bull, chasing cars all game. He can't dribble past defenders, he can't dribble to his left (he always goes right), and he's not a particularly good passer. Watch 10 of United's goals this season and I guarantee you will see Berbatov influencing the play where you did not see him before. Berbatov owns Tevez's face, and leaves Rooney lacking as well. Think for yourself and don't form your opinions based on what commentators say. I hope one day you see the forest for the trees; the game is much better when you realize the nuances. Good luck

  9. Uefa's post-match statistics suggested that Tévez had had six attempts on goal: one goal, one blocked and four off target. Search farther and you will learn that he has attempted 13 shots during the group stages and that his third-minute strike against Aalborg was the only goal.

    Berbatov is not every United supporter's cup of tea, but his composure in front of goal is remarkable (12 shots, nine on target, of which four have been goals). Rooney comes somewhere in between (17 shots, 12 on target, three goals) and as for Cristiano Ronaldo, who was rested on Wednesday, he had 23 shots in only five appearances, including one as a substitute, but did not score. If his willingness to shoot on sight had not reaped such dividends in the Premier League (64 shots, 48 on target, eight goals, all in 12 appearances)…

  10. Talking about missed chances, I started counting from end of the last season that Rooney had missed at least 2 dozens of them in front of the goals.

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