Worldwide Soccer Manager/Football Manager Interview Questions

With the upcoming release of Worldwide Soccer Manager/Football Manager 2009, EPL Talk can announce an interview with someone associated with the game.

The interview is scheduled to be done Monday November 17th. If you have questions you would like asked, please leave a comment with your questions. If I use your question, your handle will be mentioned on the EPL Talk Podcast.

6 thoughts on “Worldwide Soccer Manager/Football Manager Interview Questions”

  1. Here's my question: why do American fans put up with ridiculous versions of the same game's name?


    Ok here's my real question: Is there gonna be a function where you can renew sponsorship deals with kit makers, design new kits for new seasons and depending on the quality of our new kit designs, earn more (or less) money from marketing?

    Can you make extra money from players' marketing rights?

  2. I actually agree with Fergus' suggested question. Why call it Worldwide Soccer Manager? It seems like such a clumsy title.I realize that Football Manager would not fly as a title in NA but there must have been some better alternatives?

  3. Ask him why the American version always comes out later then that in Europe? Its very annoying to have to wait longer for no apparent reason.

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