The Eagle Has Landed!

Rene Adler

The future is now as Germany are hit by injury to Robert Enke. Not that I wanted any injury to Enke, as I think he is a fantastic keeper and seems like an all around good guy; however, he has broken his hand during the run up to this round of World Cup qualifiers for Germany.

So Bayer’s Rene Adler, who many writing this column have thought should have been starting back at the European Championship, will now take over for the upcoming games against Russia and Wales. While we in the Bundesliga have long known that Adler is one of the best keepers on the planet, the international exposure provides the platform for the rest of the world to get to know the kid from Leipzig.

I have always thought he was one big game away from super stardom. Last year Manuel Neuer’s performance against Porto in the Champions League started getting him notice on the continent. This is all that Adler needs. Adler had a similar performance in the UEFA Cup against Galatasaray last year, but it just wasn’t a big enough stage.

Now he goes to Russia to face a team that is strong in attack, with the likes of Andrei Arshavin and Pavel Pogrebnyak. Guus Hiddink’s side should give him ample opportunity to show his shot-stopping and distributing ability to the rest of Europe. And perhaps they will get a glimpse of why he will soon replace Buffon and Casillas as the best keeper in the world.

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  1. I actually heaved a sigh of relief when news coming in that Rene Adler is stepping in for Robert Enke. Whatever happened to Enke is really unfortunate but I hope Adler will prove his worth this weekend.

    Interestingly enough, I was just having the TV on and was being reminded that the match will be on here like an hour or so ago where there was a trailer for the qualifier which it will be shown live.

    'Last year Manuel Neuer’s performance against Porto in the Champions League started getting him notice on the continent.'
    And to the extent that I remembered well the day after the performance against Porto, Neuer's heroics was reported in one of the papers here. 😉 Back when Schalke was still in the Champions League, apart from the usual previews featured, there isn't much post-match reviews on the like in the papers.

  2. I just have this feeling he's going to have a blinder against Russia and everyone is going to wake up to how good he is.

    The downside of that, of course, is that over in the EPL, Arsenal, City, United all have money and need a keeper. And any hope that Hughes might miss the highlights is screwed because he'll be watching the bloody Wales game :( Although maybe the credit crunch will keep him in our favorite league :)

  3. I can't say for the other EPL clubs but I know the club I support in the EPL (Manchester United, and apparently I once read that Adler is a United fan or something), I don't think van der Sar is still at his best. I know we have two reliable back-up keepers (even at one time, Ben Foster was touted to be England's future No.1) or maybe again, I don't know.

    Speaking of the credit crunch, now even Oliver Bierhoff is talking about it. Based on what I read, it reported and I quote – 'Oliver Bierhoff fears the Bundesliga is in danger of losing several important sources of income due to the instability of the global economy'. Somehow I had always knew from the start the football world is definitely not immuned to what is happening in the real world.

    What Bierhoff said –

  4. When did he said that? Really, I didn't know about this. But sorry to what is happening to Spurs of late. I actually have a soft spot for Spurs and even I myself is stunned at what is happening.


    I've seen it in other places as well. I think I've made your day :)

    And don't worry about Spurs. They deserve this misery for what they did to Jol. The fans don't though.

    I consider it my fault anyway. St. Pauli's in the 2nd division. Cadiz is in the 3rd. Why should Spurs be spared demotion. Although to be fair, Spurs don't have the same awesome friendly fans that made me love St. Pauli and Cadiz. Most of their fans can be quite spiteful and hateful. So if nice guys finish last, then Spurs should survive this season

  6. Made my day, DP? For now, at least whatever I read of him being a United fan has definitely been confirmed after that link you provided. I don't want to get happy for nothing in case I ended up reading the wrong stuff.

    Adler will be happy to know that the Germany U-19 goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler is in the United reserves. 😛 So in a way back then when I read that the Germany U-19 squad won the European U-19 championships, I feel like 'bragging' that the person at goal plays for the club I support in the EPL. Ha.

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