A Band-Aid Of Good Faith

For those of you sick of Fux Sucker Channel making Serie A their red-headed step child…

For those of you that see Fux in Español prefer to air informercials and Mexican ball over Serie A…  I could have an alternative.

I have seen that several of our readers have inquired about Serie A TV as well as other providers.   I am not coming with you with a solution, but instead a series of alternatives.

The first one is a website called justin.tv.  Here you will be able to find different matches from different parts of the world.

The second option is Foroceleste.

Another option will be through your internet provider.   Those with you with AT&T Yahoo or Verizon Wireless have access to ESPN 360.   This network will offer everything from College Football to Dutch Eredivisie, to La Liga to Serie A, Rugby… hey even badminton.

Hey for those of you that have this final one… hook a brother up!   Just kidding.

If you find any other alternatives,  let us all know here.


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  1. serie_a_talk says:

    there is one better Juan, try http://www.rojadirecta.com/. I've been suggesting this site privately but since you've decided to do an article on the topic I thought I'd share it with all. rojadirecta has more options and includes the justin.tv channels without the add chatbox which can be distracting.

  2. Juan says:

    sweet! Thanks for letting me know. We have to find a way to beat these networks here in the US.

    Oh, by the way… if you want to listen to the games (in Italian) on the radio go to icnradio.com.

  3. Juan says:

    Is there anything that any of us Mac people can use?

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