Phishers Turn Their Attention To Premier League

The Premier League and its clubs are so rich with cash these days that they’re giving away £500,000 to fans. Well, not exactly. Take a look at the following phishing e-mail that my wife received last week:


The phishing company is hoping to get unsuspecting football fans to provide their private data. The “From:” address gives the illusion that it’s from the Premier League, which it’s not — although they used the Premier League’s domain in the UK to try to make it look legitimate.

What this e-mail does illustrate is how pervasive the Premier League is within the lives of people worldwide. They’re trying to pull on the heartstrings of football fans worldwide knowing that chances are pretty likely that a large percentage of people opening the message will be fans of a Premier League club.

Needless to say, if you get an e-mail like the one above, go ahead and delete it.

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