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Ricardo Quaresma Unplugged Intro

Nerazzurri Fans may well ask who is this Portuguese wonder boy? What will he add to our club?  What is his style? and will he fill the boots of Luis Figo to become the next midfield magician for Inter? 

ricardo quaresma inter intro02 Ricardo Quaresma Unplugged IntroComparison to Cristiano Ronaldo is little surprise as Quaresma is yet one more from that current crop of outstanding Portuguese playmakers.

Born of the Sporting Lisbon youth system, Quaresma will surely make his mark but the trick is in how he does it.  Discover Quaresma’s favorite technique called Trivela, courtesy of the UEFA Champions League Skills video library at

After the skills exhibition follow the Official Inter Press Conference with Don Mourinho in the second video. (English translation below video)


Official Team Introduction of Ricardo Quaresma   

(Quaresma speaks in Portuguese, English translation for Serie A Talk readers) 

“I’m very happy to be at Inter. My first sensation is very beautiful. I’m sure I’ve arrived at a club with big players.  I have to work immediately and find my place in the team as soon as possible and help the team achieve its objectives. I think we can play against any other team. In Italy there are star players. We can face Milan like we can face any other team, I am ready to play any opponent. I think any player wants to improve on his contract. It is clear having cost a lot it is a responsiblity for me but responsibility doesn’t scare me. I have faced other responsibilities before.” 

(followed by Team Manager, Jose Mourinho practicing Italian)

“Our team is now balanced. With options for players in different roles and tactics. I have everything at my disposal. It’s a pity that a winning player like him, that in this moment has 4, 6,9, 10 titles couldn’t arrive 10 days ago and win the Super Cup, because he could have had 11. I think that in the end of the season, he could have more titles. A player young like him. Where can he play? on the right, left, 4-4-2, 4-3-3. He can play on the bench, he can play in the stands. 

 ricardo quaresma inter 01 Ricardo Quaresma Unplugged Intro

APPIANO GENTILE – Today’s training

Some player history, Quaresma was the player that made Deco’s move to Barcelona possible. After refusing to play under Frank Rijkaard  he was transferred to Porto in a deal that would bring his countryman to the Nou Camp.

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