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Who Are The Premier League Players You Love To Hate The Most?

ashley cole Who Are The Premier League Players You Love To Hate The Most?Admit it. There are some players in the Premier League who get under your skin. The type of players you love to hate. But who are they and why do you hate them so much?

Names of players who often get fans irate include:

  • Ashley Cole (Chelsea)
  • John Terry (Chelsea)
  • Frank Lampard (Chelsea)
  • El Hadji Diouf (Sunderland)
  • Lee Bowyer (West Ham United)
  • Emmanuel Adebayor (Arsenal)
  • William Gallas (Arsenal)
  • Kevin Davies (Bolton), and
  • Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United).

Players are hated for numerous reasons. Diouf won no fans with his spitting, diving and constant bickering. Players such as Adebayor and Lampard didn’t impress anyone with the rumors of them possibly leaving their clubs. Defenders Terry and Ferdinand have won few fans because of their off the pitch incidents, and so on.

Who are the players you hate? And why? Share your stories by clicking the comments link below.

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36 Responses to Who Are The Premier League Players You Love To Hate The Most?

  1. Burt Reynolds says:

    Javier Mascherano’s a twit. Nani is a little show off and I want to see somebody break his face. Remember World Cup ’06? Christiano Ronaldo? Joey Barton is an idiot thug but reading about him makes me laugh.

  2. Fergus says:

    Christiano Ronaldo. Why isn’t he on the list?

  3. Kevin says:

    One badboy that didn’t make the list, Joey Barton. I’m sure some fans love this guy but his off field antics make him one of the ultimate train wrecks

  4. SamSpur says:

    Emmanuel Eboue (can’t believe you left off the worst diver/whiner in the league), Craig Bellamy, Joey Barton

  5. Jables says:

    I hate Ben Haim because he has no business playing in the Premier League. I cringe every time he takes to the pitch because he inevitably gets burnt every time he’s challenged. Thank god Chelsea got rid of him.

  6. Brian says:

    I second the notion to get Eboue on the list.

  7. Simon Burke says:

    I would remove Gallas and Adebayor and sub in Eboue for the both of them and would have Jens before his escape. Barton, Ronaldo, Nani, both Kevins at Bolton, Drogba the hideous diving fool, Diouf, Paul Dickov before he left and something about Mido annoys me too.

  8. Blue Evertonian says:

    Joey Barton gets my vote. Oh! Sorry he wasn’t on the list. OK .. how about Steven Gerrard? … OOPS! .. damn , must look at that list again. OK .. How about Cristiano Ronaldo … CRAP!! .. I can’t read.
    OK OK OK!!! I pick El Hadji Diouf … because he is a coward … a spitting coward.

  9. Jake says:

    Add Michael Brown, Craig Bellamy, Joey Barton, Nicolas Anelka, and Deco to the list.

  10. JLay says:

    I’d like to nominate the entire Chelsea and Arsenal teams.

    Chelsea for their constant wrangling of the officials, and Arsenal for their diving and constant hand wringing.

    CR7 has to be up there too – I’m a United fan but I hate that little tw@ with a passion. I’ll give you Nani to an extent.

    Ben Haim is a good call too – he just plain sucks!

    I like Barton – he makes me feel like I’m watching an American sports league, because there ought to be a felon on every field.

  11. ossie's dream says:

    A bunch of pantomime villains, the lot of them. Why “hate” anyone? They may be twats but all I care about it is watching good football, something most people on this list are capable of.

  12. Weston says:

    Didier Drogba, no contest. The guy probably weighs 225lbs and flops like a fish. That episode between him and Jens Lehmann flopping over eachother alone should get those two on the list.

  13. Erik Sweet says:

    I don’t see how Ferdinand could make that list. Even die-hard United-haters still respect him as one of the best (and possibly the flat-out best) centre-back in the Prem.

    As for the guy I love to hate – Dave Kitson. So glad he got shipped to Stoke to give me a person to openly despise.

  14. The Gaffer says:


    Did you forget about Ferdinand’s incident where he smacked the ball into the crowd and injured that woman?

    The Gaffer

  15. Matt says:

    How the hell can Ronaldo not be on this list?!!!!

  16. Double Pivot says:

    It was always Jens for me. Now he’s at Stuttgart, but I am finding that he is only the fourth biggest douche in the Bundesliga after Ashcan “some of my best friends are jews” Dejagah , Roman “some of my best friends are black” Weidenfeller and Artoro Vidal.

    Now it’s just Barton in the EPL

  17. Phil says:

    I’m a MANUTD fan and honestly think Ronaldo should be on this list. His antics of the field with him wanting to be traded aswell as his constant falling down…..
    Added to the list would be
    1. Didier Drogba – Diver
    2. Javier Mascherano – Bad Sportsmanship
    3. Jens Lehmann – Goof Off
    4. Ashley Cole – Off The Field Antics
    5. Christiano Ronaldo – Diver/Cry-Baby

  18. Charlie Hustle says:

    I’d say Michael Ballack. I have no idea why, I just don’t like the man for some reason.

  19. SSReporters says:

    Michael Ballack……overrated, injured, and he plays for Chelski.

  20. roger says:

    Ben Haim – because he’s a clumsy oaf who hurts his teammates (literally) more than opponents. First, he cut up Petr Chech’s face in a practice session. Then, he causes another teammate Micah Richards to get a concussion by head-butting him trying to head a ball.
    Lampard – don’t hate him, but lost respect for him after all his Hamlet-like hemming and hawing about whether to go to Inter (when, in the end, it came all down to wringing more money out of Chelsea. Self-indulgent symbol of what’s wrong with current Premier League players.

  21. SSR Reporters, It’s tough to rate Michael Ballack lowly as an American who saw him single handily beat us in the 2002 World Cup while leading his country to final match as he did in Euro 2008. He may be over rated in the PL but as an international he’s a better and more prominent player than anyone in the PL or maybe anyone on the planet. If I’m running a national team and have my choice of who to start a team with it’s either Riquelme or Ballack for me.

  22. patrick says:

    Nigel Rio Coker… is a man best suited for Bolton. Had the most fouls a couple of years running.

    Terry is the most annoyingly arrogant.

    Lampard is the most insecure.

    Ronaldo is just a mad twatter

    Rooney is just a thug

    and Newcastle supporters- you can guess this one.

    and put the entire roster of Spuds and CFC for good measure.

  23. Matthew says:

    Mascherano had one melt down against Man U last year and that makes him a hated figure?

    My list would include:
    CR7 – nuff said
    Nani – his headbutt last year followed by nearly passing out was classic.
    Cashley Cole – the most annoying player ever, his tackle on Hutton last year and his antics that followed was utter bs.
    Drogba- For a player whose size and strength rivals most central defenders his ability to flop and bitch an d moan is unbelievable.

  24. p@ says:

    so do you actually update the list at all… or stop asking?

    And where is ROBBIE (WHO ARE YOU) SAVAGE????.. He paved the way for all the others on this list

  25. Burt Reynolds says:

    I disliked Mascherano ever since his incident with Aliadiere in February. He shoulda got punched in the face instead of slapped with all the crap he was doing that game.

  26. Mei says:

    I dont like frank lampard

    Cause HE GREEDY

    I dont like CR7
    he is Diver, Shaping his eyebrow, too selebrity style, he sooo Gay

    I dont like Steven G, cause every english people Love him

    I dont like JT cause, he cost chelsea Champuion League

  27. Brad says:

    Mei – how those english language classes going mate?

  28. tyduffy says:

    I think that a distinction needs to be made between players who are hated by their own fans (Ronaldo, Adebayor, Gallas etc.) and players who are generally hated.

  29. andy c. says:

    i love arsenal and i’d have to whole-heartedly agree with all the callas for eboue. i can’t stand seeing him.

    i’d also have to add….

    savage – the HAIR! and the horrible, reckless play

    barton – newcastle are cowards for not releasing the thug

    obi mikel – wants to be essien but is just reckless and lazy

    anderson – gets up crying after EVERY whistle, such a baby!!

    and i have to mention gallas – what kind of moron requests the 10 shirt and plays freakin defense?? what an idiot!

  30. Linfield FC says:

    Every Manc and Chelski player.

  31. TT says:

    ronaldo, nani, anderson, gallas, drogba.

  32. Thuo says:

    why is everyone hating cris? for me it has to be obi. the guy is dirty like so is marche for liverfools. i love wazza. a fighter, a true red.

  33. moed says:

    it surely has to be michael brown of errr wigan, i think. he came to epl with a reputation as a goal scoring midfielder. he is anything but. and everytime he is on the pitch he looks like he is gonna hurt somebody.

  34. Vivek says:

    Steven Gerrard is a thug and he dives in almost all the matches,he should be on the list!

  35. Dan says:

    So Lampard is greedy. Yeah thats fair, but remember Gerrard was on the verge of leaving Liverpool a few years back. With that much money dangled in font of you, it’d be difficult not to be greedy.

    As for the list, well hows Darren Bent? Very overrated, and then had a go at the manager when he didn’t get a game. Also Berbatov seriously irritates me – such an expensive player should be better than he’s shown, and he turned his back on spurs who gave him the EPL opportunity in the first place. While on the spurs topic, anybody for Robbie Keane?

    Also for the purposes of this article, it’s a pity Heinze has left the EPL. In all other aspects it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to the league, possibly barring Sheva’s exit

  36. Shoma says:

    Michael Ballack hands down.

    Overrated, and plays dirty. Very dirty.

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