Who Should Bob Bradley Start Against Guatemala?

We’re days away from the most important match of the Bob Bradley era and perhaps the most difficult. The trip to Guatemala is never easy, but making it even more difficult is that several American regulars are not in form by any stretch of the imagination. With the exception of Landon Donovan it’s difficult to see how the US will generate any offense in this match.

Assuming Bradley sticks with the bucket here’s the team I would field.






Player selection is really hamstrung by Bradley’s decision not to call in players like Kenny Cooper among others. With this in mind I’m giving a conservative lineup with the exception of benching Clint Dempsey whose recent play for the US has been worse than below average. If Michael Bradley cannot play out wide move him back to defensive midfield and play Sacha Kljestan out wide on the right side. I’d prefer to see Mo Edu play at center back and Carlos Bocanegra on the bench (actually off the team) but I know that Bocanegra has a permanent place as long as Bradley manages the side so I won’t even suggest it in my lineup.

2 thoughts on “Who Should Bob Bradley Start Against Guatemala?”

  1. I’d keep Kljestan as far away from the pitch as possible. Bad giveaway machine who has a simply awful first touch. The fact that he scored two goals in the Olympics masks the fact that when the US was on its back foot usually he was the one who gave the ball away including in that last sequence against Holland. As you’ve said before Kartik, MLS doesn’t teach touch and ball possession as it should and Kljestan a supremely talented player otherwise is proof of that. He has no business suiting up for the national team until he can learn how not to give the ball away so cheaply.

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