Cass: Movie Trailer For New Film About Hooligans

Cass, a new movie scheduled for release in the United Kingdom this Friday August 1, is a true story about a West Ham United supporter and his remarkable life.

Quite a few of the West Ham fans who responded to the articles about the violence at the recent Columbus Crew match mentioned the upcoming movie. See for yourself what the movie is about by watching the trailer below.


2 thoughts on “Cass: Movie Trailer For New Film About Hooligans”

  1. Violence at the Crew match??? come on. more like some idiots who pounded their chest and then some USA chants and relegation chants.

    as for Cass. I just wish these films would put Hooliganism is its proper social context. Not, just cut aways to the tv with Thatcher moaning about it.

    Pure tribalism, like the BNP, is one thing, but sport tribalism flourishes when people have no hope, no trust and no security. So they turn to the one thing that will always be there, a football club.

    Would be nice if these factors where the storyline as opposed to making heros out of top men. Cass is a great a story, and wrote an excellent book about his days. I just hope that the story is less Football factories and its flashy quick cuts and rock sound track, and more his real struggle with racism and less about greeting cards tactics to punch ups, like Green street.

    but then you have to remember that Cass himself always gets consultant jobs to these sort of films and TV shows.

    I’m looking forward to it, just hope its not another remember the great olde days of the hoolis.

  2. i think people need to have more respect for the man Cass for what he went threw and the film which is based on true events. People who aint West Ham will prob think its just another foorball factory film. but it aint. its based onn a true story. im lookin forward to seein the film. But i think people from the outside who dont really know what the man is about will not like it. Especially all those rugby twats

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