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Setanta North America Announces Its BPL Schedule; So, What About Fox Soccer Channel?

This afternoon, Setanta North America released its complete broadcast schedule for the first two months of the 2008/09 Barclays Premier League season, along with confirming its lineup of Sunday and Monday matches for the two months after.  You can take a look at the announced matches at Setanta’s website.  But what does this mean for the other half of the US BPL broadcast package, Fox Soccer Channel?

Well, below, we have the matches left for FSC following Setanta’s announcement.  Obviously, we don’t know which matches they will show live at 10AM on Saturday and which will be on delay yet, but Fox will be able to pick and choose from these matches.  In addition, like last year, FSC will also get the Saturday 12:30 PM and Sunday 11AM matches.

Fox Soccer Channel’s Unofficial BPL Schedule For August and September (all times eastern)-
August 16th:
Bolton Wanderers v Stoke City, 10AM
Everton v Blackburn Rovers, 10AM
Middlesbrough v Tottenham Hotspur, 10AM
Sunderland v Liverpool, 12:30 PM

August 17th: Manchester United v Newcastle United, 11AM

August 23rd:
Blackburn Rovers v Hull City, 10AM
Stoke City v Aston Villa, 10AM
Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland, 10AM
Fulham v Arsenal, 12:30 PM

August 24th: Manchester City v West Ham United, 11AM

August 30th:
Bolton Wanderers v West Bromwich Albion, 10AM
Everton v Portsmouth, 10AM
Hull City v Wigan Athletic, 10AM
Arsenal v Newcastle United, 12:30 PM

August 31st: Aston Villa v Liverpool, 11AM

September 13th:
Newcastle United v Hull City, 10AM
Portsmouth v Middlesbrough, 10AM
Wigan Athletic v Sunderland, 10AM
Manchester City v Chelsea, 12:30 PM

September 20th:
West Ham United v Newcastle United, 10AM
Bolton Wanderers v Arsenal, 12:30 PM

September 21st:
Chelsea v Manchester United, 9AM
Tottenham Hotspur v Wigan Athletic, 10AM

September 27th:
Middlesbrough v West Bromwich Albion, 10AM
Newcastle United v Blackburn Rovers, 10AM
Stoke City v Chlesea, 10AM
Arsenal v Hull City, 12:30 PM

September 28th: Wigan Athletic v Manchester City, 11AM

So, any matches here you are looking forward to?  What would you pick to show live if you were FSC?

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One Response to Setanta North America Announces Its BPL Schedule; So, What About Fox Soccer Channel?

  1. Mike says:

    Well I just went to and I found this, I guess these are the games that are going to be shown in August.

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