8 thoughts on “Fox Soccer Channel Poll”

  1. 11-20 for me , during season its 100++ obviously, it will probably go up due to them showing EPL fanzones now, I love those. It was down a little as well because Sky Sports seemed not to really cover football at all.

  2. Ha just thought about my last post, I don’t know what I was thinking, I doubt during the season it is 100+, but it is probably still pretty high.

  3. gaffer, i think i have an idea about what your article is about. and if i may add, i actually cancelled FSC for the summer…i tend to cancel certain channels like HBO or whatever during the summer months so im not spending my evenings in front of the TV. anyway when i thought about it, other than the nightly news shows ..what will we miss? Ill have to get it back in august anyway, but depending on your tier/package system with your cable company, you can save $15 like me.

  4. I think it is a bit unfair to bash FSC for this past month. (And trust me: FSC is not my favorite network). GOL TV was able to secure the CONCACAF qualifiers that did not include the US or Mexico via their established relationship with Traffic Sports.

    SCP kept the COMNEBOL qualifiers and sold them on PPV which a few suckers like myself bought thanks to canceling Setanta for the time being.

    MLS and USL have limited live game rights for FSC. They showed what they could. For instance they are showing a doubleheader of MLS games Saturday night, but in June was stuck showing too many games from the west coast with late east coast start times.

    The England Classics are pretty good. Many of those games have been quite frankly better than the matches in the Euros.

    The Premier League Archive was a mixed bag. The TWI condensed matches from late 1990s and early part of this decade were a cannot miss. Those were the days when the PL was less defensive and more exciting. On the other hand the matches they showed from the last two seasons have been utter trash.

    All in all not the best month for FSC, but not much they can do considering their limited budget and how much World Cup qualifiers cost. GOL TV has gambled that the CONCACAF qualifiers coupled with German National Team matches can sustain the network during international breaks. We’ll see. I know I’ll be watching GOL TV, but not sure how many others will be.

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