EPL Talk Ranked Second Most Valuable Soccer Blog

trophy2.jpgEPL Talk is the second most valuable soccer blog according to the list of the Top 100 Most Valuable Sports Blogs researched by Juiced Sports Blog.The criteria used to compile the list measured the number of links, Google Page Rank, traffic rank and other factors. In the Top 100, EPL Talk is ranked number 36 and is valued at $146,496. In contrast, WorldSoccerDaily.com is valued at$4,816, while CSRN’s web site is valued at $3,399. The Offside, meanwhile, was ranked the number one soccer blog in 11th place.I’d like to thank you, the readers, for your loyalty and support. And also the fellow bloggers at EPL Talk who are Michael James, Ty Duffy, Lonnie Smetana, Jeff Hash, Ferd, Andrew Morris, Paul Bestall, Sam Dalton and Ian Cahir.Be sure to continue returning to the site this summer as we have lots in store. In addition to Premier League transfer news, coverage of preseason friendlies and previews of the new football shirts before they’re even released, we’ll have daily news and analysis of Euro 2008. Plus, I’ll be in Switzerland at Euro 2008 blogging, snapping pictures and relaying back podcasts to capture the mood and atmosphere of one of the greatest soccer tournaments.

8 thoughts on “EPL Talk Ranked Second Most Valuable Soccer Blog”

  1. I’m surprised World Soccer Daily even ranks that high. The few times I’ve ever gone, the “news” has been months old – it’s clearly more of a cob web log.

  2. Happy to hear the blog is well respected but I do have to ask….What’s with that trophy? What does ‘bumping’ Evangeline Lilly have to do with this site? I hope this is not a trend of ‘sex sells’ marketing.

  3. Either “sex sells” or The Gaffer spent too much time researching the “Top 5 Adults Only Football Sites” piece. Being a student of media, he’s seen the hits those sites get. Who wouldn’t want to mix a little lowbrow in if it meant getting a piece of that pie?

  4. Good point Kevin. Factoring all of the EPL Talk network sites together, the total value is $682,025

    If Serie A Talk had been included in the top 100, it would have been number 67.

    The Gaffer

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