New 08/09 Fulham Home Shirt: Sneak Preview

Fulham will unveil their new 08/09 home shirt on June 2nd. The new shirt will then be officially launched in Fulham’s club shop on July 15. Here’s a sneak preview of the shirt (courtesy of Football Shirts):

New Fulham home shirt

Fulham’s new home shirt is manufactured by Nike again. However, this time, it looks like the polo shirt design from the 07/08 season has gone out the window and been replaced by a more contemporary design.

According to Fulham’s club website, “the shirts are made with Nike FIT performance fabrics and have been designed with a complete layering system to keep players comfortable in a variety of conditions.”


2 thoughts on “New 08/09 Fulham Home Shirt: Sneak Preview”

  1. The red & black striped kits has always been a favourite with the fans (or at least with me) since the 1975 FA cup run, though I do like the solid black one too.


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