Wigan Athletic Unveils New Club Crest

Wigan Athletic has unveiled a brand-new club crest to replace their current one. The new crest features a change of colors and more of a modern look than the traditional Wigan Athletic crest that the club has used in the past. Here’s the new crest for the 2008/2009 season and onwards:


And here’s what the old crest used to look like:


And here’s what it looked like most recently, up until this week:


Against the odds, it was actually a decent season for Wigan in the Premier League this year. They hosted the final match of the season where their fans were able to see the Premier League trophy being lifted by Man United. They destroyed Chelsea’s best chance of winning the Premier League by drawing Chelsea at the JJB Stadium. They played better football in the second half of the season compared to the earlier part of the year. And they unearthed several exciting players such as Antonio Valencia and Wilson Palacios. And now they have a manager who seems a perfect fit for the club: Steve Bruce.

5 thoughts on “Wigan Athletic Unveils New Club Crest”

  1. I really hope they do stay up next year and further on in the future; it’s refreshing seeing some real English football being played in the BPL when new teams come up from the Championship, and that’s what I saw when Wigan came up a few years ago.

  2. you had the most attractive and distinguished badge in the premiership and youve changed it for the ugliest and worst bit of graphic design imaginable. looks like tescos own, cheap and poor quality.

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