Top 5 Sources for Adult-Only Football Coverage

arsenal-model.jpgA few weeks ago, EPL Talk wrote an article featuring our list of the Top 10 Sources for Intelligent Football Coverage. To show that we can be lowbrow just as much as we can be highbrow, EPL Talk now shares with you the Top 5 Sources for Raunchy Football Coverage. Warning: Not safe for work.

  1. FHM (Bauer Consumer Media). Light on content but beautiful in design, FHM’s web site offers beautiful women modeling skimpy versions of the Premier League kits as well as RSS feeds for all of the latest football news. That’s convenient.
  2. Loaded web site (IPC Media). The British men’s magazine not only is a relatively decent source for serious football news. Its web site also is a fun destination with features such as online games (Penalty Strip is pretty addictive) and a blog (the videos of classic pitch invasions were a nice touch).
  3. Nuts Magazine (IPC Media). This is more like a web site you’d expect to find a page away from topless women. The photo gallery is mildly humorous if only for its photo of Rafa Benitez striking an embarrassing pose. For those of you wondering what happened to Man United’s former player Gary Pallister, Nuts has found him and signed him to write his own blog. The video section meanwhile is pretty pointless.
  4. The Sun Newspaper (News Group Newspapers). The infamous newspaper that features the page 3 girls seems to be more straight-laced online. Or maybe that’s because page 3 in the print newspaper is easier to find than finding the page 3 link on their web site? Their football coverage features headlines that are as corny as ever (a common trait among tabloid newspapers), but the news stories are actually quite good.
  5. Zoo Magazine (Bauer Consumer Media). Here’s another men’s magazine that features a web site surprisingly filled with serious football news and analysis. Articles cover the worst players in the Premier League outside of Derby County, and top 20 statistics of the season. Not much content here, but it’s worth a look.


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