Questions Please for Tim Vickery, Jim White and David Conn Interviews

epl-talk-logo-163x1011.jpgThe EPL Talk Podcast returns this weekend with an exclusive interview with an executive from Setanta Sports to discuss soccer coverage in North America and how soon we can see the network on cable as well as the programming changes we can look forward to next season. That episode will be available via iTunes by Sunday night, so be sure to subscribe to the iTunes feed to receive the episode as soon as it’s released.Over the next few weeks, the EPL Talk Podcast will also feature interviews with three well-known soccer personalities:

  • Tim Vickery (BBC) — The pundit appears on the BBC World Football Phone-In Show where he shares his incredible knowledge about the game (especially South American football). He also writes for Sports Illustrated, BBC Sport and SBS.
  • Jim White (The Daily Telegraph) — The Man United supporter is a popular columnist for The Telegraph. His articles cover a range of topics, and often writes about referees. He’s also the author of a book entitled “You’ll Win Nothing With Kids: Fathers, Sons and Football,” which explores the emotions White felt coaching his son’s junior soccer team.
  • David Conn (The Guardian) — The former sports writer of the year is a popular investigative and feature reporter, and also the author of the book entitled “The Beautiful Game? Searching The Soul of Football” (which focuses on the influence of money on modern day football).

Here’s where I need your help. You have the opportunity to ask any questions you’d like to any or all of the above guests. Simply post your question by clicking the comment link below and I’ll pick out the best questions to ask on-air. If I ask your question, I’ll mention your name on-air to the guest. All I ask is that you submit your question(s) before midnight Monday, April 21st, 2008.One last note: I just stumbled across a review of the EPL Talk Podcast from a blog named Bedroom Bandits. While the review sums up the podcast pretty well, I disagree with some of his comments but take a look at the review yourself.Thanks in advance for your questions for Vickery, White and Conn.


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