Proposed Premiership Expansion has Silver Lining

jamie-trecker.jpgReporter Jamie Trecker from Fox Soccer Channel has today written an excellent article entitled “Proposed Premiership Expansion Has Silver Lining,” which is definitely required reading.

His money quote:

“It’s clear that, like it or not, these games are going to happen. FIFA won’t stop it as long as they get their cut, and the FA would just be ignored if it tried to horn in. If one country objects to the PL coming in and staging games, they’ll just find another — at last count, some 200 cities are expected to field proposals.”

Trecker also points out that one Premier League game in the States would bring in a much money at the U.S. gate as the Mexican national team does in six outings.

The article also gives some convincing arguments why Premier League matches in the United States would be good for Major League Soccer. Also recommended reading: “Why Premier League’s Game 39 Is Good For America” by yours truly.

One thought on “Proposed Premiership Expansion has Silver Lining”

  1. This will be the death of many small clubs who won’t get a cut of this money and will just go out of business, but what do the big clubs care about them anyway.

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