Premier League's 39th Step: All Hell About to Break Loose

EPL logoNext week, Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore will fly to Zurich to meet with FIFA president Sepp Blatter. After outlining his plans to FIFA, Scudamore will then fly to meet with the different confederations to share his plan as well as meeting with the potential host cities.

Depending on next week’s developments, we may know whether the Premier League plan will happen or not.

If FIFA refuses to sanction the proposal, that may not necessarily result in the plan being killed. According to The Guardian, some analysts predict that a breakaway league involving the world’s top clubs could become a reality.

A key player in the chances of a breakaway league forming and/or the Premier League’s Game 39 being televised around the world is ESPN, who has again been linked to a takeover of Setanta Sports.

What happens during the next few weeks to months will give the soccer industry a good idea of how much power the Premier League packs. Will it be able to twist the FA’s arm by giving guarantees and support for the 2018 World Cup bid? Will the Premier League be able to position the proposal as a win-win for FIFA and the Premier League? And will the league be able to do deals with the confederations in Asia and the United States?

Despite being met with a tirade of abuse and criticism, what the Premier League is planning right now is nothing short of groundbreaking. The world’s most popular sports league is trying to out-NFL the NFL. Even if the Premier League fails, its intentions are clear. For good or bad, the Premier League will continue to evolve into a sporting product marketed worldwide. If it doesn’t succeed this time around, it will eventually.

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