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What Lineup Should Bob Bradley Use Against Mexico?

Obviously we’ll get more into detail previewing the match in this weeks American Soccer Show but on first look I believe the US should go with a 4-2-3-1 look. The injury to Steve Cherundolo for Hanover against Hamburg yesterday forces either Drew Moor to start or Michael Parkhurst to push outside. Otherwise Bradley has a full compliment of players to choose from, except of course the injured DaMarcus Beasley and the Fulham’s newly signed striker Eddie Johnson.

This is the lineup I would enter the game with and subs are in 2nd half parenthesis:


Parkhurst  Robinson  Bocanegra  Pearce

Clark Bradley

Donovan Adu Convey

Possible second half subs:

  • Guzan for Howard at halftime
  • Holden or Davis for Convey at halftime
  • Edu for Clark at about minute 65
  • Feilhaber for Adu, pushing Donovan back inside to play attacking midfield. This sub should come in the final 20 minutes
  • Moor for Parkhurst possibly late
  • Corrales for Pearce late
  • Altidore for Dempsey late
  • Onyewu for Robinson late

Basically the first four subs I would make and see if their is a need for any of the other four.

Your thoughts as always are welcome. What do our readers think should be the US lineup Wednesday?

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8 Responses to What Lineup Should Bob Bradley Use Against Mexico?

  1. Harvey says:

    Bocanegra and Onyewu will start for sure together. Don’t kid yourself about Robinson. He’ll be luck to play.

  2. RZ says:

    Altidore should start

  3. bzygo says:

    Nice to see the Dynamo well represented here in Houston.

  4. Soccer Guru says:

    Holden is being brought in likely for the training.

    I had read Eddie Lewis is out for the month? Why is he on the squad then?

  5. YankeeRam says:

    I think Jozy should get at least 30 minutes if not an entire half. Normally I would say don’t play Landon but since it’s Mexico he will actually show up and play.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I say play all the kids from the beginning. Jozy, Freddy, Maurice Edu, Holden, Bradley. Games against Mexico prove what you are made of!

  7. eplnfl says:

    Count me in on playing all the kids for a full 90mins.

    Were not England here, so the only thing we should care about is what young players get the experience they need. Mexico will be a great test since they badly want a win over the USA.

  8. bandeeto says:

    Put the best 11 on. Age doesn’t matter, experience doesn’t matter, fan-boy man crushes don’t matter. Whoever is playing best RIGHT NOW should start. If, right now, the towel boy is the best center mid we’ve got, start him. Anything else is just stupid high school shenanigans. I don’t care who is the futor and whatever great things they are sure to do for the US any day now. If youngsters can’t earn a starting spot fair and square, then they don’t reprisent our great country as a starter. Let them get their expeirience off the bench. We certainly are not England, we are the US of A, and I expect our squad to play to win EVERY time they step on the pitch. I don’t get some of these comments. Honestly.

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