8 thoughts on “Dimitar Berbatov Heading to Manchester United?”

  1. There are only 5/6 clubs in the world that deserve Berba-considering Barca, Real, Bayern, Inter, and Arsenal to be loaded with quality strikers, the only ones left are AC Milan and Manchester United. Berba is the most talented player to ever play for the Spurs. He dwarfs “superstars” such as Klinsi and Ginola. And the attitude of the Bulgarian shows that he isn’t happy playing for a team that concedes 3-5 goals/game. Can you blame him?
    Get out of Tottenham, Berba-the sooner, the better!!!

  2. Adebayor has 13 goals in the league this season, Van Persie, Eduardo – they aren’t too bad up front.

    I think that Berbatov would be perfect for Liverpool, though they won’t be spending that type of cash.

  3. Dimitar Berbatov although a great player is destined to roam (Anelka) around clubs taking hissy fits at his whim maybe when he realizes he’s only a few years left he will make a proper team effort. Thanks but no thanks, Fergie would be mad to take him on.

  4. He is very talented striker!….The fact that Sir Alex Ferguson has tried to sign him twice just goes on to indicate his class.But i think he rejected the chance to join a bigger team twice too many.And after seeing him sulking and sometimes having the look of disinterest i cannot help but think that he is another Anelka in making.

  5. I think the best club for Berbatov to prove his quality more is in Manchester United, where the world will see the quality in him. just like Cristiano Ronaldo. i will be the happiest man to see Berbatov wearing the number 14 shirt at United dis season. welcome! welcome!! welcome!!! Dimitar Berbatov to th theare of Dream. well the Manchester United fans in Nigeria and Africa loves you.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA I feel bad for all those who bought the #14 jersey. You all should have known Saha was leaving and Berba would keep his number 9 at Man Utd. Glad I waited and my REAL #9 jersey is on it’s way to my house. reckon those whoy bought this “fake” one will have something nice to hang up in the closet and let rot.

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