Winner of The Premiership In Focus Book

In yesterday’s edition of the blog, we asked you to enter a contest and tell us which EPL Talk Podcast episodes have been your favorite thus far. And one lucky respondent would win a copy of the new book, The Premiership In Focus.

First, here’s what you wrote:

“Episode 78. I enjoyed the interviews with the FSC and Setanta execs. I like to hear the nuts and bolts of how that stuff gets decided.” — Kent

“By far, the best episode was the interview with Tony Evans. He was able to present a full array of interesting topics on soccer -especially his personal experiences on the Liverpool tragedy. This was a very insightful interview.” — Blair Waddell

“I would have to say that the interview with Chuck Culpepper is my current favorite. I thought his story was great and how he came to love the game following Portsmouth. He reminded me of myself years ago when I was just getting into the game, and I could easily relate with him. He was very informative and had a very humorus attitude which made it even better.” — Mike Kenna

“My favorite episode of the EPLTalk podcast so far has been the interview with Gabriele Marcotti because I think he is the most accurate football pundit I have ever heard and it is refreshing hearing someone speak who is not anti-American (or anti-Canadian).” — Mike Richard

“Wow, to pick just one? The Toby Charles one from a few weeks ago was great — I had always heard about him, but didn’t watch Soccer Made in Germany and didn’t know anything about him, so that was excellent. I also enjoyed the other ones with TV/radio announcers, most notably Ray Hudson, Derek Rae and Tommy Smyth. Talking to Chuck Culpepper about his Pompey book was great. Oliver Tse was interesting. But I think my favorites were from your EPL tour last winter. The one that really stands out was an interview with two longtime Fulham supporters talking about the changes over the years. I liked that whole set of interviews because it came the closest to taking me to a Premier League match — I’ve never been to England, so I like anything that helps me get a feel for what it’s like. All in all, it’s been a great almost 100 episodes of EPL Talk.” — Eric Anderson

“If I had to pick one, I would say that my favorite episode of the EPL Talk podcast up to now as the interview with Andrew Jennings. I’ve always been interested in the corrupt side of sports (not that I particularly want to be involved in that bit – I just think it’s fascinating from a sociological perspective), and to hear Jennings lambasting Sepp Blatter, Jack Warner, et al was very interesting indeed. It was only made better when you had Peter Hargitay on a week or two later, which I thought gave the listeners the opportunity to hear both sides of the story and decide for themselves who they believed.” — Matthew Semisch

“My favorite episode is actually an older one, #38, where you discuss Arsenal and in particular Arsenal America.” — Mark Barbeau

The winner, picked out at random, is Mark Barbeau. Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who entered.

Listen to the above episodes and more of the EPL Talk Podcast today.


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