Things You Always Wanted to Ask Guillem Balague

This Friday, EPL Talk will record an exclusive interview with Guillem Balague, the co-host of The Game Podcast and expert football pundit who works for Sky Sports among other media companies.

If you have a question that you’d like me to ask him, please click on the ‘comments’ link below and include your name. If I use the question during the interview, I’ll mention your question and name on-air to Guillem.

The interview will be published on the EPL Talk Podcast this Monday, December 10th.

3 thoughts on “Things You Always Wanted to Ask Guillem Balague”

  1. Ask him why when appearing on Steve Bunce’s the Rumour Mill (now defunct) on BBC Radio 5 he kept saying Lamps to Barcelona from Chelsea was a done deal, guaranteed… every week and yet 18 months on he’s still a Chelsea player.
    Just kidding – you want him to like you. (though he said it every week!)

  2. Ask him why the Yanks keep buying EPL clubs and why these Americans like Glazer and Hicks have such little appreciation for the game and the mighty USA cannot produce a single footballer worthy of even being in the championship aside from keepers. Why do other foreign owners appreciate the game and even when they come in with big money they help their side likes the bloke at Pompey and the Thai fellow at City? Why do Americans destroy Football clubs? Is it because they do not understand the game, or is it because they loathe the product? Or is it both?

  3. The interview with Guillem has been postponed until Wednesday, 12/12 – so there’s still time to post any questions you have for him here.

    The Gaffer

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