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Fox Soccer Channel Serves up Thanksgiving Treats

fox soccer channel Fox Soccer Channel Serves up Thanksgiving Treats
I had a chance to do something today which I rarely get to do anymore. That’s to sit and watch Fox Soccer Channel for several hours in a row on a day other than a Saturday or Sunday (when I’m usually glued to the Premier League).

Of course, like many of you, it was a crazy day in my house today as I ran around getting the food and festivities ready for my family (and my wife’s family). But in between washing dishes (aye even The Gaffer has to get his hands wet sometimes), I managed to watch bits and pieces of Staines Town against Stockport County in a live FA Cup match and the 1999 FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Newcastle.

Despite the criticism the network receives, Fox Soccer Channel’s choice of reruns often seem very timely. Prior to the Israel against Russia match last Saturday, Fox showed the 1979 match between England and Scotland at the old Wembley Stadium. It was my first time to see the game on TV since the first time I saw it live in the summer of 79 on British television.

The Thanksgiving Day treat of Man United against Newcastle was timely especially seeing Steve McClaren on telly as the assistant manager of Man United. He looked happy, content and full of hope. Quite a contrast to his demeanor from yesterday’s defeat against Croatia.

The biggest treat of Thanksgiving Day for me was seeing non-league Staines Town beat Stockport County on penalty kicks (after extra time). The quaint ground was packed with fans. Just a small band of them were crammed behind the goal lines, but you could tell they were all swept up with the passion and enthusiasm of the FA Cup and seeing a Football League club come to town as well as the Sky Sports cameras there for the live TV broadcast.

That was the other thing that was so special about the FA Cup broadcast. Because the FSC announcers were taking Thanksgiving Day off, I’m sure just a skeleton crew were at the Fox studios running the network. That meant that we were able to see the Sky Sports coverage of the match uninterrupted including the pre- and post-shows as well as half-time. And what a pleasure it was to have someone as experienced as Martin Tyler commentating the match.

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6 Responses to Fox Soccer Channel Serves up Thanksgiving Treats

  1. Paul says:

    Yes indeed it was a great night and it’s fantastic to see that Staines were being watched worldwide :-)

    My younger brother went to the match and the atmosphere was electric!!!!

    Now on to Peterborough!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gaffer, did all family members share your enthusiasm for the live action from er.. Staines on Thanksgiving? lol

  3. The Gaffer says:


    Funny you mention that. Most of them were pissed off that I didn’t have the NFL on – and when I did switch the NFL on after the penalty shootout, they didn’t seem bothered with the boring game that was on.

    The Gaffer

  4. Anonymous says:


    With all these people defecting to WSD and the 2 Gs for love of hearing their own voices I will continue to patron this site and only this site for real insight. Those websites are jokes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    As I have said before football in America is like the arse in the room. They cannot possibly achieve results against anyone even the likes of mighty Andorra and now for the 2nd straight time FIFA has insisted on having an American, the unskilled Kasey Keller participate in a world cup draw that affects ENGLAND!

    FIFA needs to stop coddling the Americans and let all of you who back the mighty George Bush loving U-S-A and the club that ruined David Beckham’s fitness run by that poor excuse for a musician go back into the cave you were in for most of the history of the game.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree, it was a good weekend for football on Fox.

    It is still too bad that Time Warner does not offer GolTV. If you have Time Warner Cable, please call them and request GolTV.

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