Breaking News: Martin Jol Resigns from Spurs

Martin Jol’s career as manager of Tottenham Hotspur has come to an end.

The Dutchman tendered his resignation shortly before the UEFA Cup match against Getafe, a game that was so typical of a Spurs match under Jol. The North London side went one-nil up before losing the match 2-1.

Jol had been in charge at Spurs for almost three years, but his departure comes as no surprise as the club is battling in the relegation zone with just one league win all season, against Derby, and four draws and five defeats.

The question now on everyone’s lips is who will replace Jol. It looks likely that it’ll be Sevilla coach Juande Ramos who is well respected in the game. The question is whether he’ll begin coaching at the beginning of next season or as early as next week.

Up until recently, Jol’s win percentage as manager of Spurs was 45%. The former West Bromwich Albion defender previously managed Dutch teams Roda and Waalwijk before heading to White Hart Lane to manage Tottenham.

What’s your reaction to Jol resigning and how soon will Tottenham be able to turn to it around if Ramos is appointed manager?

14 thoughts on “Breaking News: Martin Jol Resigns from Spurs”

  1. First,I like to take this opportunity to wish Martin Jol, a dignified man, all the best and thanks for giving this club something to cheer about for the last couple of years.
    Now being a Tottenham supporter for over 35 years and being understandable frustrated to watch spurs not compete with the clubs that are riding high in the premier league I for one want to see players bought to this club who show FIGHT, COMMITMENT, STRENGTH and the ability to read the GAME. These players will wear the Tottenham Shirt with the sort of pride that players such as Graham Roberts, Steve Perryman,Gary Mabbutt,etc. Whoever they appoint as the New Manager will also require the bottle to be ruthless in bringing the best out of the players at his disposal. Come On You SPURS

  2. Gaffer, The BBC is reporting that Tottenham have issued a statement confirming that Jol had been sacked, along with first-team coach Chris Hughton, ending a reign of nearly three years.

    Jol was on the sidelines for the Getafe match.

  3. Ohh and apparently the rumour now is that Sevilla coach Juande Ramos has agreed to become Spurs’ new manager at the start of next season.

  4. Jol did some great things for the club over the past few years but, like the Yankees with Joe Torre, the time has come for a change. (Ok, so Torre was a tad more successful than Jol, but you get the idea).

    My point, really, is that Jol was a good manager who did some great things, but was not going to take the team any further. His tactics and inability to put a team on the field that could play passable defense just aren’t what this team needs to break into the top 4.

    (of course, spending those millions on some defensive and midfield help could have made things easier on the guy.)

  5. Although I was not his biggest fan (just something about him), it saddens me that he is leaving because of the record he achieved at the club.

    Finishing just behind the Big 4 on two occasions and bringing some glory European ties to White Hart Lane was a fantastic achievement.

    The speed of his departure after a poor start to the season is a surprise but it’s the same old story – it’s the fans who got rid of him not the board…..and don’t let any Spurs fan tell you different.

  6. I agree with the last two posts. With the money he had, he made some very very bad purchases and he can’t take the club any further. The big question is: which is worse: Tottenham’s defense or midfield. I am not going to list the names of the absolutely useless players Jol bought.
    Sorry, Martin, game set and match. I won’t lose any sleep over you leaving.

  7. How many of those purchases were really Jol’s choice? Don’t forget that he had a Sporting Director above him. Damien Comolli is likely the one making those deals.

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