Top 20 Biggest Pitches in the Premier League

World Soccer Talk has researched the sizes of football pitches in the Premier League and ranked them according to the largest pitches to smallest. Some of the findings may surprise you.

For example, Tottenham’s White Hart Lane has always been renowned for its small pitch, but did you know that fellow London club West Ham’s pitch is the smallest in the league?

Here are the top 20 pitches ranked in order of size. The large number after the size of the pitch — square yards — is calculated by multiplying the length and width of the pitch (in yards):

1. Manchester City, City of Manchester Stadium, 116 x 77 yards, 8932
2. Manchester United, Old Trafford, 116 x 76 yards, 8816
3. Southampton, St Mary’s Stadium, 115 x 74.5, 8740
4. Stoke City, Britannia Stadium, 115 x 75 yards, 8625
5. Aston Villa, Villa Park, 114 x 75 yards, 8550
6. Swansea, Liberty Stadium, 115 x 74 yards, 8510
7. Arsenal, Emirates Stadium, 114 x 74 yards, 8436
8. Cardiff City, Cardiff City Stadium, 114 x 74 yards, 8436
9. Norwich, Carrow Road, 114 x 74 yards, 8436
10. Sunderland, Stadium of Light, 114 x 74 yards, 8436
11. West Bromwich, The Hawthorns, 114 x 74 yards, 8436
12. Chelsea, Stamford Bridge, 110 x 75 yards, 8250
13. Fulham, Craven Cottage, 110 x 75 yards, 8250
14. Liverpool, Anfield, 110 x 75 yards, 8250
15. Everton, Goodison Park, 109 x 74 yards, 8066
16. Hull City, KC Stadium, 109 x 74 yards, 8066
17. Newcastle United, St. James’s Park, 110 x 73 yards, 8030
18. Tottenham Hotspur, White Hart Lane, 110 x 73 yards, 8030
19. Crystal Palace, Selhurst Park, 109 x 72 yards, 7848
20. West Ham United, Boleyn Ground, 110 x 70 yards, 7700

Looking at the stadiums, the difference in size between West Ham’s pitch and Manchester City’s one is quite dramatic. West Ham’s Boleyn Ground is seven yards narrower (21 feet) and six yards shorter (18 feet).

Many questions can be drawn from the facts above. For example, what sort of impact does West Ham’s narrow pitch have on their playing style? Despite the narrow pitch, past players such as Martin Peters, Joe Cole and Alan Devonshire didn’t seem to have too many challenges.

17 thoughts on “Top 20 Biggest Pitches in the Premier League”

  1. I can’t believe Fratton Park and Craven Cottage aren’t the two smallest pitches in the Premier League. Watching games from those stadiums on TV, those fields look relatively tiny.

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know the old dimensions at Highbury? I’d be interested to know what they were; my high school field seemed bigger to be honest.

    1. Info makes interesting reading, good point about Fulham and Pompey’s pitch, they look small because their fans sit close to the pitch, making the ground look tight.
      Hard to believe they both are only a fraction smaller than Wembley which looks huge!

  2. MJ:

    I’m wondering whether Fratton Park and Craven Cottage look smaller because the stadiums themselves are some of the smallest in the league (and antiquated)?

    The Gaffer

    1. Yes perhaps and also even tho’ White Hart Lane is actually one of the smallest in the league it looks even smaller because of how close we are to the pitch and because of how small the stadium is.

  3. That’s a good point, that probably is the reason now that I think about it. Good work on the research, Gaffer, it’s stuff like this that can help explain why teams go out and get the players they do, because some are better suited to some fields than others.

    1. I was also thinking this MJ and perhaps this explains why a player like Gareth Bale with his obvious qualities seems to be better away from White Hart Lane which is amongst the the smallest pitches in the league.

  4. I’ve always argued on this as one of the reasons why teams that play out wide finds it difficult yo win at Chelsea’s ground especially under Mourinho. You’ll simply not get the chance to use your wide men because the game is always crowded and compact

  5. It is unlikely any pitches are only 109 Yards long as,following FIFA min/max sizes for internationals, minimum length equates to 110 yards. Also check Etihad,size may be quoting old Maine Road, which was initially 118 yards long.

    Highbury was 110 yards. It should have got some 1966 World Cup games, but was found to be under size 109.5 yards). It was not possible to lengthen the pitch so those games were played White City. I understand Nottingham Forest pitch was big 188×78?

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