England's Euro 2008 Fate Is in Israel's Hands

The fate of whether England qualifies for next summer’s Euro 2008 is now in the hands of Israel after the English national team lost 2-1. If Russia beats Israel and Andorra in its remaining matches, then both Croatia and Russia will qualify automatically leaving England to watch the tournament on television.

The pinnacle match deciding England’s fate will be Saturday, November 17, when Israel plays at home against Russia. If Russia wins, then England’s fate is doomed. Russia’s last match is at home against minnows Andorra on November 21. If Russia doesn’t get three points from that match, they don’t deserve to qualify for Euro 2008.

Even if England doesn’t qualify for the tournament, which would be massive blow, I’m not convinced that a shock to the system like that would do anything to improve the standard of football in England. Sure, McClaren would get sacked. His departure is inevitable. If it doesn’t happen in late November, it’ll probably happen after Euro 2008 especially if England puts in performances like they did against Andorra, Macedonia and Croatia.

The reason why I think England not qualifying for Euro 2008 will not make a massive difference is because the FA (Football Association) continue making the same wrong mistakes (hiring the wrong sort of managers), the influx of foreign talent into the Premier League and the lack of promising English footballers. Sure there are a handful of talented young players, but they are too far and few between.


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